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Diesel Exhaust Filters for mining

Particularly underground miners are exposed to extreme operating conditions. The microfresh Diesel Exhaust Filters DA 100 were developed specifically for use in the underground coal mining industry.

The DA filter will help remove diesel particulate from the exhaust of heavy diesel machinery operating underground and in confined spaces. This filter has the added safeguard of being non-flammable to 960°C (Tested to Australian Standard AS 2420) making it the ideal choice in the critical environment of an underground coalmine.

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The DA 100 diesel exhaust filters convince by many advantages:

  • Cleaner exhaust air thanks to the latest electrostatic filter media
  • Low pressure-drop
  • Longer filter life and thereby lower operating costs
  • Even for damp or wet conditions
  • Simple handling at installation
  • Bag for disposal of used filter with every filter