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Quality management

Building on our long years of experience, we deploy the very latest technologies. We purchase high-quality raw materials and manufacture all our particle, activated-carbon and combifilter media in-house. These media are in their turn converted into filter elements using what are in some cases patented technologies. Moreover, we are also able to manufacture support housings for our filter elements. Thanks to this high development and production penetration, we are able to ensure that the very latest state of the art is always incorporated in product optimization. 

 It is vital to design the components so as to ensure optimum filter area loading and filter lifetime in the vehicle’s specified installation space even under the toughest of conditions. Against the background of lengthy practical experience and purposeful observation of the filter’s characteristics over its useful lifetime, conclusions can be drawn for component optimization and the development of new filter media. The micronAir filters are designed and developed using state-of-the-art test rig technology. In test channels conforming to DIN 71460-1, micronAir filters are tested with exhaustive rigor. 

Besides the standard tests in accordance with DIN, however, each micronAir filter is also subjected to Freudenberg’s own specific tests. These special tests include having the filter cope with atmospheric dusts, synthetic fine dusts, tests involving temperature and moisture stresses, and much, much more. To supplement these laboratory tests, the filter’s performance data are also recorded under real conditions in a traveling vehicle. Only when the filter concerned has passed all the tests “summa cum laude” can its development be regarded as concluded. And mass production, of course, is also subject to continuous quality control, from the filter medium to the finished filter cassette.

 A modern-day quality management system to TS 16949 provides secure underpinning for all the operations involved, from the first step in development work and delivery of the series-manufactured products all the way through to after-sales service. In addition, we also responsively conform to further requirements, such as specific quality standards drawn up by our customers.