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Viledon filterCair - the filter management system for surface and painting technologies

We optimize your process!

With Viledon filterCair, we provide the automotive industry and its suppliers with a service package for filtration and painting, covering a modular collection compiled out of diverse component services, which are employed and processed individually.

Thereby the focus is on optimizing the painting process with regard to the error and rejection rate and the increased system availability, enabling lower operational costs to the operator.

Discover the range of services of Viledon filterCair and watch the video showing the example of a successful filter management cooperation in the automotive industry.

The Viledon filterCair Service package for the automotive industry and for automotive suppliers at a glance:
  • Monitoring of filtration and ventilation
  • Technical approval of filtration and ventilation systems
  • Supply of air-, liquid- and other filters
  • Filter buy-off measurements in ventilation systems acc. to DIN 1946-4
  • Technical inspection of ventilation facilities, weak-point analysis
  • Filter replacement and cleaning of filter installations
  • Professional disposal of used filters with waste certificate
  • Documentation of all work performed
  • Planning and inventory management for the filter elements
  • Inspection and calibration of pressure gages and transmitters
  • Hygiene inspections and hygiene checks according to VDI 6022
  • Compressed air filter management, monitoring, filter replacement and maintenance on compressed air filter and air treatment facilities
  • Monitoring and inspection of breathing air according to EN 12021
  • Dust and particle measurements
  • Elektrostatic charging
  • Determining air downdraughts
  • Consumables in the painting process
  • Microscopic analyses
  • Monitoring of the process parameters air temperature and relative humidity
  • Visualization of air flows using fog generators
  • Determining air downdraughts
  • Energetic consulting / measurement of energy consumption