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Effective protection against fine particle emissions from laser printers

Exposure to fine particles emitted by laser printers in the office is clearly detectable. A group of researchers at Queensland University of Technology has demonstrated that this exposure may be even higher than being in the immediate proximity of an averagely busy highway. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides reliable protection in the office environment. The micronAir office filters work to remove up to 94 per cent of all particulate matter from the air, without impairing the performance of the devices concerned. The particulate filter is easy to install and is attached to the outside of the exhaust slot of each printer or copier using a Velcro strip. Once this has been done, each device is then optimally protected against fine and ultra-fine particles for about 70,000 pages or 12 months. The particulate filter can then be easily replaced and disposed of as normal household waste.

There are three models available which are suitable for most types of printing appliances: the micronAir office 100, 80 and 70. You'll find the filter you're looking for in the Filter Finder.

Dust particles from paper

Workplace exposure to fine particles from the toner in printers, copiers and fax machines is a well-known and scientifically proven phenomenon. Few people, however, are aware that document shredders also produce potentially health-damaging dust particles. The world-leading office equipment company DAHLE has recognized the potential danger and has created a new generation of shredders with a unique filter system. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies worked with DAHLE as a development partner for their CleanTec product range, providing the high-quality particulate filters that are installed in the new shredder housings. Find out more about DAHLE CleanTec products at

The computer as a filter

Computers must be cooled to avoid overheating. When a particulate filter is integrated into the computer case, the computers cooling fan can be used simultaneously as a room air filter system. Thus, people are protected from harmful particles in the office air. In addition, as a result of the dust-free environment created, sensitive hardware components will have a longer working life. As a development partner, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can deliver the appropriate particulate filters for this innovative idea. Thanks to the nonwovens technology used by micronAir office filters, they not only protect against dust, but also against allergens, pollen, smoke and gases. In addition, our filters feature valuable anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungicidal properties.