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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies
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Maximizing the efficiency of gas turbines and compressors

Powerful and economic specialist air filtration solutions

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has been at the forefront of industrial air filtration for over 60 years, with particular expertise in the field of gas turbines and compressors. Our solutions reliably remove particles from the intake air of turbomachines, prevent fouling and maximize both their performance and overall cost efficiency. By preventing corrosion of turbine blades and the build-up of dust deposits on compressor blades, they also improve reliability, eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

We have the extensive experience in a wide spectrum of specialist sectors. No matter what the local conditions may be, including limited space or extreme contaminant levels, our engineers will work with you to devise the ideal solution.


Power generation - onshore and coastal

The power generation industry, depending on an
uninterrupted power supply, requires extremely
high levels of reliability. The exceptional quality
and performance of our filters protects turbines
from fouling, improves availability, extends
maintenance schedules and makes a major
contribution to avoiding unplanned downtimes.

 Oil and gas - Offshore and onshore installations

Production here often takes place in extremely harsh environments. Typical filtration challenges include heavy fog, salt, spray, air pollution from other sources or very high dust concentrations. These conditions are frequently made worse by the by-products of drilling and industrial contaminants like hydrocarbons.



Supporting a huge range of industrial functions, compressors rely heavily on filter quality to ensure their efficiency. This is especially true of air separation plants, which often need to be operational for periods as long as 12 or 24 months without ever shutting down.


Diesel and gas engines

The wide variety of engines used in countless industrial applications means that air filtration solutions need to be specifically designed for each application. With our comprehensive range of filters and accessories we can provide the ideal cost-effective solution for any diesel or gas engine.