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Fuel Cell Filters

Air filters are well known for system protection in various applications. Freudenberg is a leading cathode air filter supplier for fuel cells with extensive material know how and access to prototype and mass production facilities.

In fuel cell systems air filtration is necessary to protect stack and system components from harmful particulates and gaseous contaminants.

micronAir fuel cell filters work to protect catalyst materials and membranes used in the stacks and reformers which are sensitive to substances such as sulfur containing compounds, salt aerosols, hydrocarbons, ammonia, and oxides of nitrogen. In addition they have a high particulate removal efficiency for protection of other system components such as electronic parts, sensors, valves, and nozzles.

The requirements on cathode intake air filters in fuel cells are high:

  • High protection level
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy handling
  • Low cost
  • Small package space

The core of our fuel cell filters is the filter media. Starting in 1998 we applied our know-how as the world largest manufacturer of nonwoven materials to the unique filtration challenges of fuel cells and developed a very special combination of filter media characteristics.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is the market leader for fuel cell filtration and offers a wide range of standard components and customized solutions. Apart from developing the actual filter, we also carry out measurements and calculations for customers and thus accompany the entire development process.