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Pocketguide on industrial air filtration

Pocketguide on industrial air filtration now available

What does the air that we breathe actually contain? How does a particulate air filter work? How are gases adsorbed from the air? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in Industrial Air Filtration, a brand new book that has just been launched by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. Written by Freudenberg’s Dr. Thomas Caesar, the book draws on the vast reservoir of knowledge that he and his team possess to provide an excellent overview of the principles and practices of industrial depth-loading filtration.

The 70-page pocket guide explains all relevant norms and standards as well as the scope and function of typical air filter applications. Industry professionals and newcomers alike will gain valuable insights into the complex field of industrial air filtration in a compact and convenient format that makes extensive use of illustrations. In addition to providing a solid introduction to the functionality of air filters, Industrial Air Filtration explores the structure of different filter elements and provides an overview of the methods used for testing and classifying filters. There are even practical examples that illustrate various different application areas and some of the latest filtration trends.

The limited English-language edition of Industrial Air Filtration is exclusively available for customers of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. The German-language version Industrielle Luftfiltration can be bought in bookstores and online shops.

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