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Viledon novatexx

Filtration membranes are highly efficient media for sub-micron separation tasks. Due to their fragile nature, they often need a physical support for better handling or to withstand the operating conditions of the end use application. Freudenberg offers a wide range of nonwovens for membrane casting and lamination, and as drainage layers.

Viledon novatexx nonwovens are used as casting substrates for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis membranes in flat sheet, spiral, or tubular filter configurations. They are made from staple fibers by drylaid or wetlaid technology. The controlled thermal bonding and calendering processes make sure the high industry standards for uniformity and fiber bonding are met. We offer a choice of different weights, permeabilities, and fiber polymers (polyester or polypropylene/polyethylene). This makes it easy to find a suitable product for the individual manufacturing and operating conditions.

Viledon membrane support media are specifically developed – often in close cooperation with our customers – for the various production processes and end uses. The manifold applications for these membranes include the treatment of fruit juice, whey, electrophoretic coat, landfill leachate, waste water and enzymes. For assistance with the right solution for your application, contact a Viledon representative.