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The ideal filtration solution must always take into account your individual process requirements. To this end, we work with you to evaluate your current ventilation system and identify recommendations for the design, installation and maintenance of an optimal filtration solution.

Milk powder and infant formula Maximum safety and protection for highly sensitive products

Milk powder / infant formula

The production of highly sensitive products such as infant formula demands filtration systems of the highest reliability, quality and efficiency. This applies to both the process air filtration and the ventilation systems in the process areas. Air contamination monitoring is another indispensable measure for protection of the milk powder. We assess the production situation at your site to identify the optimal filtration system for you.


Milk filling Flawless quality throughout the entire process

Milk filling

Consistently controlled air quality in the milk filling hall or clean room prevents the build up of microorganisms presence and increases the shelf life of the products. Aseptic filling lines must also be equipped with efficient, high-performance filters to completely eliminate pathogens and reliably protect your products. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies supplies reliable filtration solutions for all your milk filling requirements.

Yogurt / cream / ice cream Improved shelf life. Fewer complaints

Yogurt / cream / ice cream

Fermented milk products, curd, whey, cream, ice cream. In the production of these milk products, the more sterile the processing, the higher the quality and the longer the shelf life. To avoid microorganism and particle contamination, it is essential to monitor the air quality and air exchange together with the temperature and humidity in the filling hall or clean room.

Butter and spreads Ideal conditions for your production

Butter and spreads

Achieve the highest quality in the production of butter, cream and spreads. A filtration system individually adapted to your needs offers optimal protection and, together with reliable temperature and air movement control, minimizes the contamination risk.


Cheese The right filtration solution for every process


Cheese production is an art in itself, and the production and processing present as many challenges are there are types of cheese. The packaging of cheese is also associated with a high level of risk. All individual areas must be optimally protected and safeguarded with highly efficient filter solutions. The production of soft cheese in particular demands the greatest care in achieving a controlled air quality to ensure the product shelf life.

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Food for thought: energy savings at a UK confectionery manufacturer


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HEPA and ULPA filters

Safe air quality to meet the highest standards of sterility

HEPA and ULPA filters

Satisfy the highest requirements for clean air and sterility of filter classes E 10 to U15. Reliable protection against particles and microorganisms. The MiniPleat technology ensures a homogeneous media velocity for safe, economical operation.

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MaxiPleat cassette filters

High stability, dependability, economic efficiency

MaxiPleat cassette filters

The premium class in patented quality. Highly stable filter designs for the greatest possible operational dependability even under extreme loads. Water-repellent. Long service life, making them very economical.

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NanoPleat cassette filters

Extremely robust, water-repellent

NanoPleat cassette filters

Robust and extremely dependable in hygienic quality. With water-repelling hybrid synthetic nonwoven media (HSN) suitable for use in damp environments. Ideal for air-conditioning systems.

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MVP cassette filters

Viledon quality for an optimal price-performance ratio

MVP cassette filters

Optimal price-performance ratio in the operation of ventilation systems plus simple and safe handling. MVP 95 filters achieve energy efficiency class A. Energy cost savings and reduced CO2 output.

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Compact pocket filters

High-performance, economical and energy-efficient

Compact pocket filters

Robust in sustained use, high operational dependability and reliability even in the face of extreme moisture and wet conditions. They enable the energy-efficient operation of air conditioning systems. This translates to energy cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Dust removal filters

Customized filter solutions for your dust removal requirement

Dust removal filters

Wide selection of appropriate dust removal elements, variable in terms of shape, overall height, nominal diameter and pleat geometry. For maximized performance.

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Honeycomb (HM) modules

Flexible and easy to use

Honeycomb (HM) modules

Reliable removal of contaminant gases from the supply or recirculating air. The modules are an assembly of Honeycomb (HM) media housed in either a plastic or metallic frame. Easy to install.

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