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Environmental factors can have a significant impact on efficiency and operating time of plants and production sites. In certain industrial sectors, aggressive and harmful gases can lead to corrosion on sensitive electronic components and be a risk for failure, ending up on production downtime. It is therefore particularly important to select a reliable and comprehensive air filtration system. The digital tool ChemGuide supports us to achieve optimized results, based on your individual needs.  

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Your surrounding in numbers

Airflow, gas types, room conditions – these variables and many more are important site-specific influencing factors when designing filtration systems. The digital tool ChemGuide breaks down these environmental conditions into numbers, to calculate personalized product and equipment recommendations according to your needs. This leads not only to a shorted planning process but also delivers our customers a detailed and extensive reporting. 
The process is very simple. Together with our consultants, relevant plant data on site are defined. Once it is clear which pollutant gases are particularly problematic and what airflow is required, the tool can be used to calculate the possible options. Our customers also receive detailed and transparent documentation.

Individual filter systems in 6 steps

6 Steps of ChemGuide

Your benefits

  • Environment and site-oriented filtration solution 
  • Equipment design based on site priorities
  • Faster planning and implementation 
  • Easy technical comparison of possible options and more transparency
  • Comprehensive reports which facilitate the solution understanding

Ask the filtration specialists, to formulate your needs and together we can decide on your individual filtration system.

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