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Retrofit or new construction of a ventilation system with Viledon Engineering

Only a ventilation system that is precisely tailored to the specific requirements of the food and beverage industry can fully exploit its potential in terms of hygiene performance and energy efficiency. For this reason, we support your retrofit or new construction project with a complete development and installation program that is specifically adapted to your needs. We plan and implement each plant construction project individually according to the respective process requirements for food production. In this way, each production area can be precisely monitored during subsequent operation in accordance with the regulations.

The engineering portfolio at a glance

Hygienic ventilation concepts for safe production processes

Modern ventilation systems are a key component of a comprehensive clean air solution

Within the food sector, the functions of supply and exhaust air systems are diverse and demanding. The hygienic design of ventilation (AHU) systems is critical to the air quality achieved and helps minimize microbial contamination. Effective supply air filtration provides a safe working environment, secure processes and optimized contamination control. For example, a state-of-the-art, well-maintained ventilation system in a commercial bakery will keep the supply air free of contaminants such as mold and yeast. In a milk filling station, on the other hand, contamination risks can be eliminated to fulfill the most stringent hygiene requirements and audits.

Work with us to develop your individually customized filter concept for regulated and controlled ambient and recirculated air quality. We can support you in the simple and effective retrofitting or new construction of your ventilation system, from conducting an analysis of the status quo, through planning the components right up to installation and specific services. When designing the individual filtration units, we take into account the recommendations and requirements of local authorities regarding ventilation and infection control.

Construction of air handling units

What you need to consider to run an efficient filter system

  • Clean air from an efficient filter system avoids particle contamination and protects the clean room.
  • Conditioned air controls temperature and humidity, reducing the growth of microorganisms.
  • Every production process has its own specific requirements. The most effective filter system is therefore always a tailor-made solution considering
    (1) individual process requirements, (2) local outdoor air quality (ODA) and (3) the requested supply air quality (SUP).

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The TPU 500 overpressure system for tanks

Effective protection of liquid foodstuffs in silos and tanks

With its two filter stages, the TPU 500 Tank Pressure Unit ensures controlled, hygienic air quality in silos, tanks and filling plants in the food and beverage industry. Liquid foodstuffs such as milk, cream, cereal drinks and liquid egg are often stored in silos for several days prior to further processing. The same applies to the production of raw juices and beverages with low sugar content. Pressure equalization takes place during storage and the emptying process, which permits unfiltered outside air to pass through open vents. This allows unwanted microorganisms to enter and come into contact with the product. The result is product contamination, reduced shelf life of the end products and increased product rejects. This can be avoided by using the TPU 500 tank overpressure system, which ensures a contamination-free blanket of air above the liquid. The modular design features fully welded stainless steel housing parts and is equipped with a volume flow control. The support frame can be flexibly adapted to the specific on-site situation in terms of tank size or shape.

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Contamination-free air blanket

The constant flow of clean air provided by the fan creates a blanket of filtered air above the stored liquid inside the silo. Thanks to a slight overpressure, no more unfiltered outside air can enter the silo.


MV HSN NanoPleat or MaxiPleat cassette filter from filter class ISO ePM2,5 65% to ISOePM1 85%


Fan and motor unit

High efficiency fan with energy optimized backwards curved centrifugal impellers; motor with EC technology and integrated controller for constant volume flow.

Final filter

EPA / HEPA filter with aluminium frame, in filter classes E11 to H14


Two filter stages extend product life inside the silo or tank

To control the air quality, the TPU 500 tank overpressure system is equipped with two filter stages, consisting of a cassette prefilter followed by an EPA/HEPA filter in the final filter stage. The filters used are non-hazardous in contact with food and meet the highest recognized standards of food conformity according to EC No. 1935/2004, EU No. 10/2011 and ISO 846:2019. This means that they also comply with the recommendations of EHEDG Doc. 47. Depending on the application, our experts analyze the on-site processing situation together with your team and recommend the appropriate filtration concept.

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The benefits of using the TPU 500 at a glance

  • Less product waste thanks to constantly controlled air quality
  • Longer shelf life of raw, intermediate and finished products – especially pasteurized liquid foods
  • Higher hygienic air quality in all process phases and over the entire storage time of the liquid products
  • Optimized production performance thanks to higher-quality base products
  • Certified filter quality according to recognized industry standards

Benefit from our specialized expertise in protection of liquid foodstuffs in silos

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Tank Pressure Unit TPU 500

The innovative tank overpressure system for the protection of liquid foodstuffs in silos