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Freudenberg is the inventor of nonwovens technology. As part of the global Freudenberg Group, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can offer all known technologies related to filter media production. Drawing on our long-standing and extensive know-how, we work with our business partners to develop innovative filtration solutions for office devices. We also attach great importance to optimal air flow for efficient device performance.

We provide highly efficient filtration solutions with optimal air flow for excellent device performance. Talk to us. We are confident that we can help you to find innovative solutions for your specific application.

Printers and copiers

Effective protection against fine-particle emissions from laser printers

Fine particles emitted by laser printers in the office are clearly detectable. A group of researchers at Queensland University of Technology  demonstrated that exposure to fine particles in the office may be even higher than near an average busy highway. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides reliable protection in the office environment. The micronAir office filters work to remove up to 94% of all particulate matter in the air without impairing the performance of the devices concerned.

The particle filter is easy to install and is attached to the outside of the exhaust slot of each printer or copier using a Velcro strip. Once this has been done, each device is then optimally protected against fine and ultra-fine particles for about 70,000 pages or 12 months. The particulate filter can then be easily replaced and disposed of as normal household waste. There are three models available that are suitable for most types of printing appliances: the micronAir office 100, 80 and 70.

The advantages at a glance

  • Effective protection from fine dust emissions
  • Permanent capture of the finest particles thanks to triple-layer filter medium and electrostatically charged microfibers
  • High level of dust retention capacity
  • High degree of air permeability - enabling excellent cooling performance with low energy consumption
  • No temperature increase above the standard range of operating temperatures
  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • Disposal via normal household waste

To distribute this incredible product, we have teamed up with one of the strongest consumer brands in Europe, Tesa.

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Document shredders

Effective protection against dust particles from paper

Workplace exposure to fine particles from the toner in printers, copiers and fax machines is a well-known and scientifically proven phenomenon. Few people, however, are aware that document shredders also produce potentially health-damaging dust particles. The world-leading office equipment company DAHLE has recognized this potential danger and created a new generation of shredders with a unique system. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies worked with DAHLE as a development partner for their CleanTec product range, providing the high-quality particulate filters that are installed in the new shredder housings.

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Video projectors

Ensure a longer working life for your projector

Dust-proofing is the primary task of projector maintenance. The projector is usually cooled by a special fan with an airflow of a few liters per minute. Particles may be carried by the high-speed airflow and can be easily attracted by the static electricity emitted during the liquid crystal board imaging process. This will influence the effect of the image and may result in a reduced service life of the projector.

The shell of the projector is usually slotted or open for ventilation. The air inlet is equipped with an air filter, which filters dust and contaminants when the projector is operating. If it is not cleaned up in time, contaminants will easily block the air vent of the projector and cause trouble. As a development partner, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can deliver the appropriate particulate filters for your projectors to create the dust-free environment needed for those sensitive hardware components inside the projector to ensure a longer working life.

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Certified by German TÜV NORD

The micronAir office particulate filter has been certified by the German TÜV NORD standard, and was distinguished with “Effective protection against fine particles and toner dust” certification mark. This equates to the highest efficiency level in the filtration of fine and ultra-fine particles.

The micronAir office particulate filter drastically reduces emissions from laser printers and copiers and therefore significantly reduces particulate pollution in the air. With a proven retention rate of up to 94% – even for extremely tiny, respirable particle sizes of between 100 nanometers and 2.0 microns – the micronAir office particulate filter offers effective protection even against microscopic particles, regardless of the specific chemical composition of the emitted particulate matter.