Customized filtration for clean air

Solutions that perfectly fit our customers’ applications and performance requirements

The indoor air treatment market is driven by consumers’ concerns about the health threat from PM2.5 and PM1.0 ultra-fine particles, allergens, formaldehyde, TVOCs, household odors, and gaseous contaminants in the ambient air, creating the need for treating the air consumers breathe. There are various air treatment products available on the market, ranging from a whole-house purification unit, a large unit with high CADR, a purifier specifically for babies, and a small personal desktop purifier to cover the workspace, to a multi-functional humidifier to treat the air with humidity or air conditioners with a purification function. Given the diversity of product design, filtration lies at the heart of all air treatment products.

Built on more than 60 years’ experience and expertise in the filtration industry, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provide one-stop filtration solutions to address the need to capture and remove particulate matter, gaseous contaminants, and allergy-causing micro-organisms in the air and provide clean air for healthier living.

“We would like to work with our customers as a development partner and provide tailor-made filtration solutions. By innovating together, we are helping our customers improve product manufacturability and meet their target performance. ” Norman Lin, Global Consumer Market Segment Manager

Our full range of services for custom-tailored solutions

Individual solution design

In view of the wide variety of requirements for the function, structure, design and performance of air purifiers, we provide customized filtration solutions for our customers.

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Testing and analysis

We have state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment that can test for oily gases as well as other pollutants. Tests can detect substances down to the nanometer level and meet the requirements of various industry standards.

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OEM service

With mature filter production equipment and technological processes, as well as rich experience in production management and technical support, we can provide reliable and efficient OEM services for customers.

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