Simple performance increase at the click of a switch

Modular clip-on system enables economical ventilation concept with low maintenance requirements

The growing demands of industrial processes require ever more efficient systems for intake, exhaust and recirculating air filtration. The ideal solution is an additional filter stage. In practice, this often requires a plant modification. With Viledon modular filter systems, this is no longer the case.

Increasing the performance of existing filter systems is often hampered by limited installation space. 1- or 2-stage filter systems are usually designed in such a way that there is no space for the subsequent integration of another stage. Conversion from a 2- to a 3-stage system, for example, requires remodeling. For many plants, the clip-on system from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies eliminates this effort – saving time and money.

Maximum flexibility thanks to modular principle

The system consists of a combination of base filters and clip-on filters. For example, by means of a connecting pin, an MVPGT cassette filter can be plugged onto a MaxiPleat cassette filter in reverse and integrated in a space-saving manner. The flexible modules allow filter combinations for a wide range of applications. A MaxiPleat plus upstream hydroMaxx coalescer provides optimum protection against moisture, corrosion and deposits. The combination of MaxiPleat and an eMaxx ultra-fine filter ensures purity at EPA level.

Modular clip-on system creates an ideal filter connection
hydroMaxx prefilter connected to MaxiPleat cassette filter by clip-on

Simple and cost-efficient

The plug-in system offers a number of benefits: retrofitting is more economical and requires less planning work. In addition, the clip-on mechanism simplifies filter replacement. This saves time during maintenance work and reduces installation and maintenance costs.

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