Protection against product contamination

Comprehensive cleanroom engineering project to ensure a safe filling process

During the filling of cream milk and dairy products, a Spanish manufacturer repeatedly experienced contamination in the cleanroom areas. The cause was a poorly coordinated room air concept. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies developed an engineering solution for sterile filling with numerous components to ensure hygienic air quality.

The technical inspection of the production facility quickly showed where action was needed. The air flow around the filling unit needed to be improved, possible contamination risks eliminated, and a slight overpressure created in the cleanroom area. A new overall concept was required to permanently meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry.

New cleanroom concept

From the design, fabrication, construction and installation of new elements to the integration of an automatic data control and regulation system for efficiency monitoring, the project was comprehensively managed. Now that the retrofit is complete, larger laminar airflow and new fan filter units protect the high-risk zone’s filling machines and associated conveyor belts. Using H14 HEPA filters as a second stage, the systems ensure hygienically clean air and the necessary overpressure. They prevent the bottles from being contaminated by germs or particles during filling or transport. The filter stages of the existing air handling units were also replaced by an energy-saving two-stage filtration solution.

Protection against product contamination

Hygiene meets energy efficiency

The retrofitting is having an effect: cleanroom air quality has been significantly improved and the risk of contamination reduced to a minimum. Air exchange has also been noticeably increased. To prevent problems caused by moisture penetration, the first filter stage of the air handling units effectively separates droplets. The efficient cassette filters also reduce energy consumption. As a result, a hygienic and cost-efficient filtration solution has been put into operation for the filling station, ensuring maximum food safety.

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Laminar air flow units protect high risk areas of bottling machines in Spanish cream milk production