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Coronavirus and cabin air filtration

Reducing the aerosol concentration

Confined spaces and close human proximity such as in vehicles are well known to increase the risk of passing on viruses. For this reason, ensuring the cleanest possible air inside vehicle cabins has to be a priority. Corona viruses expelled when breathing, sneezing or coughing are passed initially from human to human by droplets. According to current studies, apart from quantity the size of the related airborne aerosol particles also varies significantly depending on the person and can be anything from 0.05 μm to 16 μm. These viral droplets and aerosols (droplet nuclei) can be either directly absorbed by people or ingested via secondary contamination via the viral bio-burden released into the air again through changing operating conditions and vehicle vibrations.

Proven viral aerosol filtration

Our customer informations contain all details on how micronAir cabin air filters effectively contribute to reducing the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


Anti-viral properties of micronAir proTect line: Product use and use of anti-viral claims


Newest information on how to reduce the aerosol concentration inside the vehicle cabin


Cabin air filter protection guidelines against Covid-19 health threats

micronAir proTect line with anti-viral properties: Four-layer filtration for best possible protection

micronAir proTect line cabin air filters provide active protection by significantly reducing the concentration of viral aerosols. This is achieved by a unique multi-layer design that effectively filters, separates and retains inorganic and biological particles and aerosols.

The fine particle filtration layers in the premium micronAir proTect line cabin air filters provide decisive protection against virus transmission. They demonstrably separate not only droplets (> 5 μm), but also critical viral aerosols (droplet nuclei significantly below 5 μm). The first two layers thus capture the majority of ultra-fine viral aerosols while the optional 3rd layer is responsible for adsorption of harmful gases. In addition, the fourth bio-functional layer inactivates collected viral contaminants, therefore effectively suppresses the release of active viruses back into the cabin air. This has been conclusively proved by a comprehensive series of tests
conducted at an independent external institute, specialized in microbiological analysis.

The high particulate and viral aerosol filtration performance is sufficient to significantly reduce the concentration of airborne viral aerosols. In this way, micronAir proTect line cabin air filters make a substantial  contribution to minimizing the risk of virus transmission inside vehicles.

The safest choice – now and in the future

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is just the latest of an unbroken line of viruses stretching back through human history. Even when it finally disappears, others will evolve to replace it. In terms of mitigating risk while travelling in motor vehicles, there is currently no better protection then the advanced micronAir proTect line cabin air filters.

Recommendations for minimizing risk inside the vehicle cabin:

  • Increased fresh air supply is an efficient way to protect against viruses inside vehicles. This maximizes the dilution of airborne aerosols.
  • The efficiency of the filter elements plays a vital role in filtering out environmental contaminants, harmful substances and pathogenic aerosols. In recirculation mode, the viral air-cleaning performance depends heavily on the viral filtration efficiency of the filtration system and the air exchange rate.
  • Innovative filter elements with the surface disinfection properties of a functional layer efficiently prevent viral re-aerosolization while ensuring the highest level of protection of human health and the environment.
  • Filter service: Especially under current conditions, the cabin air filter should be changed more frequently than usual to maintain optimum protection.

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