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Replace ePM2.5 filters with ePM1 filters

Effectively reduce the risk of infection indoors

Suitable air filter systems can help to effectively reduce the risk of infection indoors. Perfectly matched filter stages efficiently separate particles from the air and thus protect against the spread of airborne viruses via the ventilation system. In addition, the proportion of fresh air should be increased as much as possible to further reduce the pathogen concentration in the room air. The proportion of recirculated air should be reduced to a minimum.

ePM 2.5 filters are not suitable for protection against viruses such as corona. Check or have them checked whether your ventilation system is optimally maintained, works hygienically and is equipped with high-performance air filters. Trust in filtration concepts that have proven themselvs for decades in sensitive application areas such as laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has more than 60 years of experience in ventilation and filtration technology and is very familiar with the requirements of a wide variety of industries.

Upgrade to a 2-stage filter concept

With an efficient 2-stage filter system, consisting of an ISO ePM1 70% (formerly F8) cassette filter, followed by an ISO ePM1 80% (formerly F9) cassette filter, particles can be almost completely separated and thus effectively reduce the airborne viral load in the ambient air. In the case of a plant installation with limited space, 1-stage concepts can be implemented with a 2-in-1 filter solution. Thanks to the modular clip-on plug-in system, various Viledon filter types with different filter efficiencies can be combined as single modules. In this way, a further filter stage can be easily added without taking up much space.

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Advantages of an efficient filter system based on MaxiPleat cassette filters

  • Proven over many years in 2-stage or multi-stage filter systems for demanding air conditioning technology

  • Satisfy the requirements (German guideline VDI 6022) for guaranteed hygiene and air quality of air conditioning systems

  • Maximum process reliability for users

  • Unique design features for greater stability and robustness

  • Extreme load capacity; high safety; no risk of leakage

  • Economical operation over a long service life

  • Available in filter classes ISO ePM10 (M6), ISO ePM2,5 (F7), ISO ePM1 (F8/F9) through E12

  • Space-saving 2-in-1 solutions with the MaxiPleat modular filter system

  • Short delivery times

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8 questions and answers about mechanical ventilation

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