Reducing infection risks in a concert hall

Conversion of the ventilation system with BAFA subsidy

By retrofitting the central ventilation system, we were able to support the Leipzig Gewandhaus in achieving state-of-the-art indoor air hygiene. Thanks to the upgrade, this cultural institution is now prepared for the special requirements of the pandemic. The Leipzig Gewandhaus is able to claim federal funding of up to 80% of the eligible expenses for the upgrade of the HVAC system.

Internationally renowned concert hall

As a globally sought-after and modern venue, the Leipzig Gewandhaus is usually fully booked every year. A wide-ranging repertoire delights audiences with artistic excellence and around 800 events each year. The concert building on Augustusplatz in Leipzig’s city center has had an enduring influence on the international reputation of Leipzig as a city of music. The unique acoustics in the main hall provide a captivating sound experience for classical orchestral music and organ concerts. It can accommodate 1,900 spectators. The Gewandhaus Orchestra is regarded as Germany’s oldest civic concert orchestra. 

High demands on ventilation systems and air filters

New challenges for cultural facilities

Like many other cultural institutions, the Leipzig Gewandhaus has not been spared from the corona crisis – for some time, the concert halls were very quiet. Since major events play a significant role in the spread of infection, everyday life will probably not look the same as it did before the pandemic, even in the foreseeable future. But culture enriches our lives, seeks to entertain and inspire us. Therefore, new corona-compliant concepts are needed to allow audiences to enjoy cultural events again. In addition to hygiene measures and vaccination and test certificates, the Leipzig Gewandhaus is therefore focusing on high indoor air quality thanks to suitable air filters.

Upgrading the central ventilation system to provide state-of-the-art indoor air hygiene

Viledon solution for the protection of visitors, musicians and staff

For 20 years now, the technicians at the Gewandhaus have been relying on Viledon pocket filters to meet the stringent hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and equipment and to increase energy efficiency. But with the pandemic, the demands on air quality have increased. Retrofitting or upgrading existing stationary HVAC systems can reduce the risk of infection in the indoor spaces of cultural facilities. To meet tomorrow’s requirements, the Leipzig Gewandhaus is following the recommendations of the German government – the new 2-stage Viledon filter concept ensures state-of-the-art indoor air hygiene.

Thanks to the filter upgrade to filter class level ISO ePM1 85%, the fresh air percentage can be increased by more than 20%. The permanently high indoor air quality helps to meet the special conditions of the pandemic and protects the audience, musicians and staff. In addition, the Gewandhaus is eligible for BAFA funding from the German government  (for public buildings).

BAFA subsidy runs through the end of 2021

Modernize your system now

The BAFA subsidy for retrofitting ventilation and air conditioning systems in Germany will expire at the end of 2021. We would be happy to check with you whether public funding is also available in your country, at your location and  to support you in retrofitting your ventilation system to meet pandemic requirements.

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Upgrading of the ventilation system in the Leipzig Gewandhaus

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State-of-the-art ventilation system at the Leipzig Gewandhaus

Image source: Saalbild © Gewandhaus / Jörn Daberkow