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Pleated cartridge filters are used in numerous applications for prefiltration and fine filtration of chemicals, water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other liquids.

Freudenberg provides a range of spunbonded, dry-, or wetlaid media with specific mechanical properties and filtration characteristics.

Even high temperature resistance can be achieved by Freudenberg's sophisticated fiber technology. Examples of cartridge filter media are spunbonded membrane supports or depth filter materials for hydraulic fluids.

Viledon Nonwovens for Liquid Filtration Cartridges
Polypropylene (17 – 100 g/m²)novatexx 6317novatexx 6320novatexx 6340novatexx 6350novatexx 2010
novatexx 2019novatexx 2035novatexx 2036novatexx 2043novatexx 2044