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Viledon nutritexx

In stringently hygienic areas as food and beverage or drinking water filtration producers require special filter media which fulfill the various requirements and highest standards – Viledon nutritexx filter media ensure the perfect combination of hygiene, efficiency and diversity.

Viledon nutritexx filter media

  • Are made 100% of raw materials recognized as physiologically safe
  • Ensure the filtration of dirt particles from liquids without affecting their consistency
  • Can be assembled individually
  • Guarantee long lifetime and high cost eff ectiveness
  • Ensure high wet strength

For the multifaceted requirements entailed by all the different applications involved, Viledon nonwovens offer tailor-made, field-proven solutions. Our meticulous quality monitoring offers you dependability against even the most stringent of criteria.

nutritexx filter media for food and beverage or drinking water filtration

Cellulose/ Polyester 
 (30 – 65 g/m²)
nutritexx 2681nutritexx 2690nutritexx 2693 Nnutritexx 2614
 (70 - 130 g/m²)
nutritexx 2640nutritexx 2641nutritexx 6550nutritexx 6570nutritexx 6450
nutritexx 6470nutritexx 5021
 (50 - 400 g/m²)
nutritexx 3450nutritexx 3470nutritexx 1007 KNnutritexx 2007nutritexx 2621
Polyester for drinking water filtration 
(300 - 400 g/m²)
nutritexx 2020nutritexx 2040