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Freudenberg & Vilene Filter participates AMTS 2016 with filtration solutions for modern dry separation

Freudenberg & Vilene Filter is the joint venture of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies and Japan Vilene Company. Headquartered in Germany/Weinheim, we are the global leading solution provider in the field of air and liquid filtration with more than 50 years know-how and experiences, dedicated to developing and producing high-performance, energy efficient filtration solutions, designed to make industrial processes more efficient, save resources and protect people and our environment, and thus to improve the quality of life.

Viledon® is the brand for industrial filtration under Freudenberg Group, providing high performance filtration solutions for painting workshops of car manufacturers. The painting workshops used to apply the cleanroom from 300,000 class to 10,000 class. If the workshop is not clean enough, contamination may cause dirt-in-paint defects. In oder to ensure the quality of car painting, it needs a large number of air filters to remove dusts and impurities for spray and paint drying lines. Therefore, it is necessary to select high performance air filtration system to ensurethe quality of car painting.

Freudenberg & Vilene Filter participates AMTS 2016 with Booth No. E3-D06, providing filtration solutions for modern dry separation. It firstly exhibited edrzzi paint mist separator. The product is developed by Austria Brainflash company and Freudenberg has the exclusive rights for the sales in the automobile industry worldwide.

Edrizzi paint mist separator

Edrizzi is a system for paint mist separation in the coatings sector. The system is based on a handy cube – produced from naturally growing raw material, corrugated cardboard. Flexible in handling and easy to upgrade, edrizzi® has a high absorption capacity and is as cost-effective in disposal, as in most cases the
boxes can be disposed of in incineration plants.

DryPleat and DryPleat Nano filter plates

The filter plates are specially developed for use in EcoDryScrubber. High process safety thanks to easy cleanability, robust design and no leakages. Low resistance level over a long period. Generates additional savings during compressed air consumption.



filterCair Service

Viledon® filterCair is a service program put together in a specific response to customers’ expressed wishes, comprising top-quality filter products from the Viledon® brand range,plus service support and warranty back-up.The principal benefits of Viledon® filterCair for the user inhere in optimization of the painting process in terms of the defect and rejection rates, in increased system availability, and reduced operating costs. An offer that many top-ranking automakers and their component suppliers are already utilizing.