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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

About Us

Freudenberg & Vilene Filter China is a joint venture between Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, one of the global technology leaders and a driving force in the field of air and liquid filtration, and Japan Vilene Company, the biggest nonwoven manufacturer in Asia. We develop solutions that make processes more efficient, save resources and protect our environment, thereby raising the quality of life. 

We are group companies and headquatered in Suzhou, with filter production bases in Suzhou, Changchun and Chengdu, as well as establishing sales office in Beijing, Guangzhou and Taoyuan (Taiwan).

We dedicate many years of filtration experience to our customers; in the general industry segment, we offer air filtration solutions for contamination control, emission control, turbo machines and surface treatment. For the automotive industry, we develop and supply filtration solutions for surface treatment systems, engine intake air filters and cabin air filters. Our extensive portfolio of human protection products which includes filters for laser printers, faxes and copiers, filter media for respiratory masks and indoor air cleaners and filters for vacuum cleaners rounds off our air filtration offering. 

Our liquid filtration expertise covers filter media for coolants and lubricants, oil and fuel (automotive), pool and spa, food and beverages as well as membrane support fabrics.