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In the working process of the engine, metal particles, dust, carbon oxidized at high temperatures and gelatinous precipitates, water will constantly be mixed with lubricating oil. micronAir oil filter is designed to remove the mechanical impurity and colloid substance, maintain clean lubricating oil and extend the duration of the lubricating oil . micronAir oil filter has strong ability of filter performance , small flow resistance, long service life and etc.

Technical Characteristics:

● Filter Media: The oil filter media is more demanding than the air filter mainly because of changes in the oil temperature ranging from 0 to 300 degrees, under the extreme temperature fluctuations, the concentration of oil also changes accordingly, which will affect filtered oil flow. micronAir oil filter media can work under the extreme temperature changes and keep dirt and harmful particles from damaging your engine as well as ensuring adequate flow.

● Rubber Seal: micronAir oil filter uses a special synthetic rubber seal to ensure 100% no leakage.

● Anti-drainback Valve : only in high-quality oil filter is qualified to hold oil in the filter after the engine (or other lubrication system) is shut down. This is done to avoid a delay in oil pressure buildup once the system is restarted; without an anti-drainback valve, pressurized oil would have to fill the filter before travelling onward to the engine's working parts. This situation can cause premature wear of moving parts due to initial lack of oil.

● Overpressure Relief Valve: only in high-quality oil filter is qualified to allow oil to bypass the filter if its flow restriction is excessive, to protect the engine from oil starvation. Filter bypass may occur if the filter is clogged or the oil is thickened by cold weather.

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