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Automotive Filters

Engine Intake Air Filters

Modern high-performance engines need clean air for peak performance. The atmosphere contains both natural (pollen, dust, sand, etc.) and industrial (soot, abraded materials, pollutants, etc.) contaminants which can adversely affect the combustion process and cause engine damage. The sensors of advanced engines can also be damaged.

Our filters for high-performance engines, made from synthetic materials, offer ground-breaking features, such as:

  • optimum deep-bed filtration with 150% longer service life and improved initial filtration performance
  • ageing resistance and resistance to pressure surge thanks to the use of fully synthetic materials
  • non-combustible materials offering advantages in the case of fire
  • new processing possibilities thanks to thermoplastic materials
  • optimum system protection in accordance with ISO 5011

Apart from standard filter features such as the removal of particles and water, the use of synthetic nonwovens allows the latest design options. These filters can be tailored to fit the available space in accordance with EU pedestrian protection requirements.