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Effective protection thanks to ultra-efficient filter media

from own production

micronAir cabin air filters consist of a multi-layered filter medium. It is a high-arrestance design, and surrounded by a prefilter layer and a backing layer. The prefilter and microfiber layers form a progressive structure, meaning that the fiber fineness and the density increase towards the clean-air side. 

This ensures effective deep-bed filtration, and uniform, maximized dust storage coupled with good air permeability.

Quality criteria are decisive

High dust holding capacity 

An efficient filter is mainly characterized by its high dust holding capacity. If the pleats remain stable even after a continuous load and not pressed one another, a uniform dust absorption is ensured. 

Zebra stripe effect: Lower filter efficiency due to significantly reduced usable filter area (i.e. white areas) caused by pressed pleats.

Uniform fold profile

micronAir filter media are very efficient. Thanks to their uniform fold profile they have a high dust holding capacity. 

Irregular spaces between the folds cause unhomogeneous flow conditions throughout the filter element. This can lead to a collapse of the filter performance.