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Viledon Engineering provides a complete development and installation program for retrofitting or new construction of air filter systems, particularly in the areas of indoor climate control, machine process air and intake air filtration for turbomachinery. Our individually specified service packages include on-site status-quo analyses, consultancy, design of filter systems, quotations using 3D-CAD drawings, analyses of technical feasibility and economical viability, complete order handling, documentation, training and aftersales service.

Our long lasting experience in Engineering projects in the areas of indoor climate control, machine process air and intake air filtration for turbomachinery is documented in numerous globally realized projects. Our references include air filter systems for co-generation power stations, refineries, compressor stations, water works, bottling plants, laboratories and office buildings.

Our Engineering teams are based all over the world and work closely with customers to provide efficient solutions no matter what size and scale the project has. Each Engineering solution is customized according to the requirements of each specific application. We use different construction types and a comprehensive range of components.

  • Retrofittings and new constructions
  • Concrete filter housings 
  • Steel filter housings 
  • Filter modules
  • Single or multi stage Viledon filter walls
  • Air cooling systems (Viledon eee.Sy)
  • Weather hood constructions
  • Anti-icing systems
  • Droplet separator
  • Housings for air ventilation ducts
  • Transition ducts and elbows
  • Fans
  • Silencers 
  • Adapters
  • Bends
  • By-pass flaps
  • Support construction
  • Electrical equipment 
  • Measuring instrument

Our services for filter modules and houses at a glance:

  • Filter system inspections, using trained personnel
  • Repair and Change Concepts
  • Filter change, cleaning and disposal, including particle capture measurement
  • Filter monitoring
  • Filter procurement, storage and scheduling
  • Filter comparison measurements
  • Energy efficiency measurements
  • On-site filter training, including the thematic modules installation/filter change, handling, storage, principles of filtration, filter classification and more.
  • State-of-the-art test laboratory
  • Personal customer support