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Brilliant painting results in paint spray booths and workshops

Excellent paint jobs are a reason to be joyful. You should have reliable provisions so that paint jobs will not become tarnished from airborne contaminants in your repair booth. 
You can trust the high-performance filters from Viledon to do the job. Their high degree of dependability and cost-effectiveness is what makes them the standard in the automotive industry and in workshops.   


The prefilter stage arrests the bulk of dust, protecting the air ducts against contamination. Also, prefilters prolong the useful life of downstream ceiling filters.

Both filter mats and pocket filters can be used in the prefilter zone. Pocket filters are the preferred choice due to their greater filtering area, which generates a higher dust-holding capacity. For prefiltration we recommend Viledon Compact pocket filters.


Ceiling filtration

Ceiling filters in spray booths must perform two tasks in particular: reliably removing dust particles that passed through the prefilter zone (fine filtration) and ensuring even distribution of air and circulation around the object being painted.

As they reliably prevent dust from affecting the paint job and they are cost effective, Viledon ceiling filter mats are the first choice in the automotive industry and in workshops. We recommend Viledon filter mats PA/560 G-10 and PA-5 micron for ceiling filtration. These two filter mats retain practically 100% of the dust particles larger than 10 µm and 5 µm, respectively.


Exhaust air filtration

Paint mist arrestors filter the exhaust air exiting the paint booth, protecting the exhaust air ducts, fans, and motors from accumulating paint.

With their superior separation capacity, Viledon floor filter mats PS 100 are the preferred filters for plants with heat recovery systems. The PSH 75 Paint Stop Hydro filter mats, however, are ideally suited for arresting water-based paint.