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Hygienic production environment in the food and beverage industry

Viledon air filtration systems for maximum clean air quality

In low concentrations, natural components in the air, such as dust particles, bacteria, or spores, are usually not dangerous to people. However, in the foodstuff industry there are sectors where the smallest impurities in the air can lead to contamination and can, therefore, be responsible for the early expiration of the product’s shelf life.

The industry uses zone concepts to protect beverages and foods in each production process. The zone concepts split the production facility into rooms according to hygiene level; there are “high-risk,” “high-care,” and “low-risk” zones. The purity level needed varies depending on the product being produced and the product’s properties.

The high-risk zone is a highly sensitive hygienic area within a facility that processes and stores products and ingredients which are susceptible to contamination and/or microbial growth. In contrast, in the high-care zone, foods are produced that do not have any particular susceptibilities and where there is still no possibility of microorganism growth in the product through the subsequent supply chain. Zones that require only a low level of hygiene, e.g., for the storage of pre-packaged goods, are called low-risk zones.

Choosing reliable air filter elements and systems is essential to ensuring that the stringent hygiene requirements are met in the production processes of the food and beverage industry. The multi-stage Viledon air filter systems remove particles and harmful germs reliably from the air and provide maximum clean air quality in every processing step. Decades of experience, numerous worldwide references, and our collaboration in important standardization committees are what makes us a dependable filtration partner for quality-oriented companies.