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micronAir combi filters

Protection against particles plus activated carbon

The micronAir combi filter provides protection against the same pollutants as the particle filter — and that’s not all it can do.

Using a layer of activated carbon, it additionally adsorbs odours and gases, like benzene or ozone. Besides the small solid particles, the gases, smaller by a factor of ten million, also penetrate as far as the deeper regions of the lung. The dangerous irritant gas ozone can cause reactions like headaches, coughing or streaming eyes. The activated-carbon layer in the micronAir combi filter will break down up to 99 percent of the ozone.

Difference to a micronAir particle filter

Basically the filter media of both micronAir cabin air filters are created equal: The prefilter is responsible for the filtration of coarse particles. The microfiber layer filters respirable and ultrafine particles from the air, for example particles which are found in diesel exhaust and soot. Both micronAir products provides effective protection against fine dust.
The micronAir combi filter has an additional layer of activated carbon to adsorb odors and gases, such as benzene and ozone. This is protected by a covering layer.