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Driving Safety - mirconAir reduces the risk of accidents

Clear view

Particles of dirt accelerate the fogging of the windows in the car: Pollen, road dust and other particles are deposited on the inside of the windows, retain moisture and thus significantly limit one's view.

micronAir cabin air filters clean the air of particles and dust and provide for clean windows and a clear view.

The windows fogging yet - it is time for a filter replacement.

Fresh air

Often the air conditioner runs in recirculation mode for reasons of odor, or to protect against poor outdoor air. The occupants consume the oxygen, thus the concentration of CO2 in the car is rising steadily. Possible symptoms are tiredness, headaches and lack of attention.

micronAir cabin air filters provide fresh and particle-free air in the vehicle and support in this way the ability to concentrate.

Protection against pollen

Particularly in the pollen season micronAir protect allergy and asthma sufferers against sneezing and watery eyes. Such allergic reactions quickly lead to an increased risk of accidents: a sneezing attack at a speed of 80 leads to 25 meters blind driving.