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Protection against gases and odors

For more driving comfort

A survey we conducted has revealed that drivers want to be effectively protected against odors and pollutants and respirable dusts. Therefore, the micronAir combi filters provide virtue of their activated carbon layer additional protection against gases and odors.

Protection against ozone

In enclosed spaces, particularly in vehicle passenger compartments, the passenger is besides the small solid particles also exposed to ten million times smaller gases. These are often very harmful substances such as  benzene, toluene or ozone, which also reach the deep regions of the lungs by inhalation.

Ozone is a dangerous irritant gas. It causes health problems like headaches, coughing fits or streaming eyes.

The activated-charcoal layer of the micronAir combi cabin air filter breaks down up to 99 percent of the ozone, thus ensuring a pleasant drive.


Funktionsweise des Aktivkohlefilters

Protection against odors

During the drive, we are confronted with different odors: industrial and car exhaust, freshly fertilized fields or sewage treatment plants. Each person perceives these odors different. What one feels just as uncomfortable is already annoying for the other.

Thus odors do not get into the interior of the vehicle; micronAir combi filters have an additional layer of activated carbon. This ensures an odor-free interior space and hence for more driving comfort, especially on long trips.