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Original spare parts from micronAir

for clean air in your vehicle

micronAir is market leader in the original equipment of vehicles with cabin air filters: Most likely your car is equipped with a micronAir cabin air filter. In order to ensure permanent protection against pollen, dust, gases and stenches in your car we recommend you to only have original micronAir parts assembled when changing your filter.

Our sales and trading partners supply dealers's garages as well as many independent car workshops with original filters from micronAir. Next time when having your filter changed in a garage ask for a micronAir cabin air filter.

micronAir cabin air filters for more protection and comfort in your vehicle.

Reasons for original spare parts

  • Consistently high filtration performance throughout the entire service life.
  • No dust breakthrough - separated particles are permanently retained in micronAir cabin air filters.
  • Whether tropical heat or arctic cold, the micronAir cabin air filter is fully operational at all temperatures between -40° degrees and 85° degrees.
  • Leakproof processing of the filter cassettes and sealing of the housing so that no dust particles get into the climate system.
  • Optimum fresh air supply to the vehicle interior over the entire service life, and under all operating conditions.
  • High mechanical strength and resistance.
  • micronAir particle and combi filters are water resistant and therefore do not constitute a breeding ground for microorganisms.
  • Original parts are precisely designed for the ventilation system of the vehicle.