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EUROVENT certification for fine filters

Not all filter manufacturers are able to keep the promises they make for their products. It is not unusual to find features in their product information that are never achieved in reality. However, there is a way to protect yourself. As an independent institution, the EUROVENT Certification Company has developed an international certification program for fine filters of Groups M and F (EN 779:2012), which gives the user security. All Viledon fine filters in the Groups M and F have been certified by EUROVENT.

International certification

EUROVENT is known throughout Europe for ensuring correct and reliable product data for ventilation, air conditioning, heating and cooling equipment. In tests, fine filters are checked to see whether the information provided by the manufacturer is correct – in other words, to ensure that the filters actually deliver the performance levels promised by the manufacturer. To achieve this, EUROVENT works in partnership with various European test facilities that are specialized in the testing of filters.

This is how the certification process works

All participating filter manufacturers provide EUROVENT with access to their entire fine filter product range. EUROVENT then randomly selects a variety of filters and subjects them to standardized laboratory tests. If deviations between the test results and the data sheet specifications fall outside allowable tolerances, the manufacturer is required to modify those specifications. In the event of severe or more frequent discrepancies, further penalties can be applied, up to exclusion of the manufacturer from the program itself.

Approved for certification testing are all air filter elements with a front frame size of 592 x 592 mm (EN 15805), classified by the manufacturer as fine filters belonging to Groups M and F, according to the current EN 779 standard.

  • All fine filter classes belonging to Groups M (M 5 – M 6) and F (F 7 – F 9)
  • Initial pressure drop (Δp) in Pa, measured according to EN 779
  • Initial efficiency according to EN 779 (only for filters from F 7 to F 9)
  • Minimum efficiency according to EN 779 (only for filters from F 7 to F 9)
  • Energy efficiency class according to EUROVENT 4/21 (rated with an air flow volume of 0.944 m3/s)
  • Annual energy use according to EUROVENT 4/21 (rated with an air flow volume of 0.944 m3/s)

Two independent laboratories were selected to conduct the regular tests: the “SP Technical Research Institute” in Sweden and the “VTT Technical Research Centre” in Finland.

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