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Viledon at work in Fukushima

In March 2011, following a major earthquake, a series of accidents and incidents occurred in the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Since then, numerous companies have been working with great persistence and the latest technology to achieve a continuous improvement in living conditions at the site. Viledon DIN cartridges and HEPA class H 13 filters have played an active role. Built into shot blasters made by our partner Contec, they are used to extract radioactive dust.

“The Freudenberg filters complement the performance of the Contec MODULE 350 / R2D2 series with their enormous suction power exceptionally well. The HEPA filter, which has recently been integrated as an assembly on the device, provides us with a safety filter that reliably separates the finest residual radioactive dust”, explains Bernd Schneider, CEO of Contec.

Each Contec MODULE 350 / R2D2 contains five DIN cartridges and one HEPA SF 13 K filter. The bulk of the abrasive dust is separated by the DIN cartridges with their metal lid and triangular seal LP 200 S 40 A 2007 (diameter 200 mm). They are equipped with the sine-shaped corrugated filter medium FE 2507-sinus. Thanks to its excellent performance, it ensures high reliability and safety. The SF 13 K HEPA filter (overall depth 292 mm with plastic frame) serves as a security or ‘police’ filter to gather up radioactive residual particles.

Thanks to Contec and Viledon, numerous areas have already been freed from radioactive dust in Fukushima. The work continues.

About Contec

Based in Alsdorf in Germany, Contec has specialized in developing surface technology for the preparation of concrete, asphalt, screed and natural stone since 1995. The company builds shot blasters, milling and grinding machines. They also manufacture matching extraction systems for surface preparation and concrete floor restoration in various sizes and designs.