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Summer, sun, wind and sea. The thought of a cruise conjures many images in the mind, holiday mood included. Especially now. For many, expensive luxury liners are true dream ships. MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, Northwest Germany, builds such dreams and has for years relied on the filtration expertise of Viledon to allow passengers and crew to not only breathe fresh air on deck, but also inthe cabins, restaurants, bars, lounges and theaters.

The ship’s diesel engines are also supplied with clean air and are thus protected from dust-laden intake air. Whenever a MEYER WERFT ship sets sail, it usually has Viledon on board. It is always a special kind of spectacle. When a MEYER WERFT luxury liner leaves the shipyard and heads for the open sea, hundreds of onlookers line its way along the dikes and banks of the Ems River. The largest ships are as long as three football fields, 40 meters wide and offer space for almost 4,200 passengers on 18 decks. These are superlative vessels, packed with the latest technology. The company relies on the latest technology and highest quality even with the ventilation systems.

MEYER WERFT has enjoyed a close partnership with Freudenberg since 1999. Ships of the Radiance class have been using filtration solutions from Viledon for years. Most recent are the Quantum class luxury liners. Two ships have already been equipped with Freudenberg Filtration ventilation systems and a third is under construction. Viledon T 60 Compact pocket filters and Viledon MaxiPleat cassette filters MX 98 provide clean air in air conditioning and ventilation systems and in the engine room, where they protect the diesel engines from contamination.

However, the biggest challenge onboard is the humid, salty air. With their droplet separation capacity, these two filter types are especially suited to such conditions. Thanks to their extreme load capacity, high separation, low pressure drop and long service life, the filters provide reliable protection and ensure the high performance of the diesel engines and downstream equipment. They are fitted in installation and mounting frames that were planned and installed by Viledon experts.

So anyone sailing on a MEYER WERFT luxury liner equipped with Viledon filters can breathe easy: above and below deck.


MEYER WERFT was founded in 1795 and today finds itself in the sixth generation of family ownership. Based in Papenburg on the Ems, Northwest Germany, this long-established company employs approximately 3,100 people and specializes in the construction of large and technically sophisticated cruise ships. Today, MEYER WERFT has the most modern shipbuilding facilities anywhere in the world.

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