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Cleanroom quality for San Juan de Dios

This much was certain: the building needed to be expanded and modernized at the same time. The project started life in October 2011. Since July 2014, the 200-bed “Hospital San Juan de Dios” in Cordoba, Spain, has been among the most technologically advanced hospitals in Andalusia – with Viledon air conditioning and ventilation systems.

In less than three years, the outpatient area was expanded, a new intensive care unit was built, eight operating rooms were equipped with high-tech equipment and the very latest hospital technology was installed. This included highly efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems for the cleanrooms, designed and implemented by Viledon Engineering experts.

Strict quality criteria were set for the modernization program. All technical equipment needed to meet the highest standards. This helps to explain why the hospital’s technical managers chose Freudenberg. “Our task, within the limitations of space, was to develop and implement an efficient air conditioning and ventilation system in cleanroom quality. I think this has been extremely well done”, said project manager Miguel Guerrero of Freudenberg España S.A.

After a thorough analysis of all relevant parameters, the Viledon experts integrated powerful, state-of-the-art air conditioning and ventilation systems in various areas within the building. These supply a total area of 1,287 m2 with 54,013 m3/h of filtered and conditioned air in the required cleanroom air quality, including eight operating rooms, the intensive care unit and sterilization areas. “With a contract value of close to one million Euros, this extensive project drew heavily on Freudenberg’s technical expertise in the design and construction of complete filtration systems”, concluded a satisfied Miguel Guerrero.

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