OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Meet your customization needs, quality expectations and budget requirements. We are your long-term partner in original equipment manufacturing

We provide you with customized air and water filtration solutions that meet your specific requirements in terms of function, structure, design and performance. Thanks to our in-house media production, we are able to guarantee the highest product quality. Rigorous testing procedures in one of our six main laboratories in Germany, China, South Africa, South Korea and the United States enable us to offer you products and solutions that meet various national standards and the world's most exacting requirements.

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Outstanding manufacturing

  • Only supplier that directly controls the entire value chain
  • Internally produced high-quality filter materials
  • 16 production sites around the world
  • 40 production lines for flexibility in peak and off season
  • Mass production as well as small- scale trial production
  • Daily production of more than 100,000 filters
  • Zero defective product outflow
Filter workfloor

You can depend on our quality control

As a company that has obtained ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 2015 and IAFT 16949 certifications, we maintain strict quality control to ensure high reliability. Six Sigma is a part of our corporate culture. Our professional laboratories have Chinese CNAS certification to ensure smooth production.

Filter production

Your customized manufacturing process 

  • High-speed folding machines, three times faster than conventional alternatives
  • Automatic edge-processing machines improve efficiency and product consistency
  • Automatic rotary melting and labeling machine for water treatment products to enable semi-automatic production of water filters and ensure increased efficiency
Filter workfloor

Easy and quick sample making

We provide sample production and material procurement within short time. We also offer free testing and inspection to evaluate the reliability of the design data and the feasibility of the process, check leakage and correct defects.

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Sample Production

Testing and analysis

Access our global testing network

Take advantage of our testing capabilities with state-of-the-art laboratories and systematic testing services worldwide. Our services cover the entire life cycle of filtration products to ensure that your product meets relevant industry standards. 

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Testing and analysis

Design manufacturing

Design manufacturing

Realize your concept now

Use our service to design and manufacture exclusive filter products. With our internally produced filter media, we develop components and solutions for better integration and performance, in accordance with your specifications.

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Explore our living products & solutions

Indoor air treatment

Indoor Air Treatment

Customized air filtration solutions that provide reliable protection for indoor living areas.
Home appliances

Home Appliances

Comprehensive filtration applications for improved performance.
Water purification

Water Purification

We provide professional solutions for various levels of water quality.
Office equipment

Office Equipment

Particle filters and gas filters for office devices.