Humidification filtration system solution

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Our patented humidification technology uses capillary action to allow the water itself to rise and release into the air. This achieves better indoor humidity regulation, maintains humidity levels and reduces the concentration of bacteria and viruses indoors.

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Humidifiers must be more accurate to create ideal indoor humidity conditions. The multiplication and spread of germs must be prevented, as well as the development of climatic diseases such as tense skin, dry mouth, cough and cold. In addition, the trend towards flexible humidification and filtration systems in air purifiers and air conditioners to improve the comfort of the indoor environment is increasing. Boost the cleaning efficiency of your equipment and add value for your customers with our technologies, all-round service packages and 60 years of filtration experience.

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Patented capillary humidification technology

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Capillary technology is based on the phenomenon that liquids rise in thin tubes against gravity due to cohesion and adhesion differences. The process relies on the relative attraction of the liquid molecules to each other and to solid molecules. This effect is particularly well observed in the capillary introduced into the liquid, which determines the difference in height between the inside and the outside of the tube.

Based on this technology, we can offer you a variety of filter materials, including cellulose paper, moistened polyester and synthetic fiber paper, moistened 3D polyester fabric, etc. We use the fibers to create favorable conditions for capillarity, and then carry out the hydrophilic treatment of the material fibers to enhance the wetting function.

Capillary humidification technology

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