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We are your certified wholesale manufacturer – together, we will increase the performance of your equipment and make it even more attractive for your customers. Take advantage of our OEM and ODM service, as well as our global testing capabilities and R&D teams. Equip your refrigerators with our filters made from internally produced nonwoven material and benefit from our 60 years of filtration experience.


Three main factors influence the effect of food preservation

[Translate to English (US):] microorganisms and bacteria

Microbial and bacterial growth

Food can be easily contaminated by microorganisms during manufacturing, transportation, storage and sale. Fridges only provide a low temperature storage environment and cannot prevent the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

[Translate to English (US):] water and nutrients

Loss of water and nutrients

In an air-cooled refrigerator, moisture is removed by the chilled air, causing fruits and vegetables to lose water and with it important vitamins and minerals.

[Translate to English (US):] Gases

Oxidative metamorphosis

The function of atmospheric oxygen leads to oxidation and spoilage of food ingredients. This releases foul-smelling gases, such as trimethylamine, methyl mercaptan or ammonia.

If you are looking for a way to eliminate odors, maintain freshness and provide antibacterial properties to your refrigerator range, our filters are the solution. Equip your range with our customized filters now or start developing your next refrigerator concept with us.

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