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Household appliance filtration applications include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, range hoods, washing machines, ovens, vacuum cleaners and similar devices. Our range of services also includes food preservation, air consumption, room temperature management and function optimization. 

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In the post-epidemic period, home appliances with sterilization and health functions have gained massive popularity, attracting the attention of most end users. Keywords such as sterilization, cleaning and filtration will continue to show a growth trend in the future. With 60 years of experience, we offer you forward-looking filtration and cleaning solutions. Working together with you, we will develop more efficient and convenient household appliances that help differentiate your brand and increase its consumer awareness profile.

Rapid response to capture new opportunities

End-user demands for home appliances are changing rapidly, and the competitive environment for home appliance brands has changed from relatively simple and stable to complex and turbulent. The faster the technological innovation is implemented and brought to market, the more likely it is to be a step ahead in the end-user market. 

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Tailored filter and service solutions

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Original design manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturing

If your are looking to develop or build a new household appliance, our global ODM service will help you realize your project and provide you with scientific and innovation-leading solutions to establish or strengthen your brand.
Original equipment manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Based on your concept, we produce your filter product using our own high-quality media in one of our 16 modern factories around the world.
Testing and analysis

Testing and Analysis

Our comprehensive and systematic testing services can cover the entire life cycle of your filtration product. We ensure that you receive high-quality end products that comply with the relevant industry standards.