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Viledon filterCair

To ensure that you get the maximum value out of our top-quality filters in your complex and sensitive systems, we have developed a unique and comprehensive filter management system: Viledon filterCair.

filterCair Service

Filters + service + consulting = complete air quality management

Viledon filterCair is a unique filter management package which provides our customers in very diverse sectors of industry with maximum benefit from our top-quality filters installed in their highly-complex plant.

The flexible, customized package comprises a comprehensive filter program plus service support plus warranties - all at guaranteed fixed costs to bring our partners system solutions that are innovative, high-performance, economically efficient, environmentally friendly and offer excellent value for money.

Our can-do, professionally expert staff will carry out the following work on your systems – at fixed and budgetable costs.

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  • Technical and commercial advantages of Viledon filterCair
    • Reduction of stock and stock administration costs
    • Reduction of order costs
    • Less capital bound on stock
    • Reduction of fire risk thanks to reduced stock
    • Increased production area due to reduced stock
    • Improved and stabilised air quality
    • Avoid „Knee Jerk" reactions
    • Closer working relationships
    • Reduction in suppliers
    • Continuous improvements now and in the future
    • etc.
  • Viledon filterCair portfolio at a glance
    • ƒƒExpert execution of filter replacement and system cleaning
    • ƒƒDisposal of used filters with appropriate documentation
    • Technical service support and maintenance of mechanical and electrical system components (like pressure drop monitors, anti-icing systems, etc.)
    • ƒƒHygiene inspections and hygiene checks in accordance with VDI 6022
    • ƒƒFilter acceptance measurements in ventilation systems as per DIN 1946-4
    • ƒƒInspecting and calibrating pressure drop displays and transmitters
    • ƒƒMeasuring dust emissions and immissions (e. g. PM 1.0; PM 2.5 and PM 10)
    • ƒƒPlanning and inventory management for the filter elements
    • Technical acceptance testing of the filter and ventilation systems (e. g. by measuring the arrestance
    • efficiencies, the air flow rate or checking the seal fits, etc.)
    • ƒƒChecking the systems’ technical condition, weak-point analysis
    • ƒƒDocumentation of all work performed
    • etc.

Discover the Viledon filter management system for your industry

The Viledon filterCair service is available for a variety of market segments and applications.
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filterCair - Maintenance and technical service

For filter and ventilation units

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