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Optimize your ventilation system

Minimizing the risk of infection in air handling units

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Air Management for HVAC Systems

Optimising air quality to protect people's health

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are most likely unseen, but not unoticed.  The effects of these systems neglected of proper maintenance can cause system issues and occupant discomfort. “Sick building syndrome”, a real condition according to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, can in part be prevented with proper management and maintenance of HVAC systems playing an important part in protecting people.

The multi-stage Viledon air filtration system for better air quality

To ensure  proper protection, air filters in HVAC systems require functioning at higher levels of efficiency. Filtration within these systems must ensure that the level of dust, bacteria, fungi and biological particulates are captured and maintained rather than released back into the air. 

To achieve the required indoor air quality, we combine air filters of different classes and designs into multi-stage systems. Usually a two-stage prefiltration consisting of Viledon pocket filters and cassette filters removes coarse to fine particles. Viledon EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are used as a final filter stage. They are responsible for reliably arresting finest particles and germs.  Combined into one system, both your equipment and occupants are protected.  

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Reduce energy costs with Viledon

Combined rising energy cost, combined with the need to reduce CO₂ emissions creates increased demand for excellent arrestance in air filters. The fans on HVAC systems consume about 10% of a building’s total energy consumption, of which, between 10% and 50% is attributable to pressure loss in the filters. Reducing the pressure drop in air filtration systems is key to saving energy and costs, while reducing CO₂ emissions.

For such, we deliver Viledon air filters.

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