Reliable Protection of Compressors

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When operation is long-term, such as in air separation plants that often operate 1 to 2 years without shutdown, reliability is critical.  Compressors in applications such as these rely heavily on filter quality for efficiency and required reliability.


Plant protection and filter lifetime are key aspects for compressor intake air. The filter solution for the given compressor application must be 100% reliable, with quickly available spare parts and a simple filter exchange process. We would be happy to assist you with our competence and solutions in this area.

  • Completely customizable solutions.
  • Long lasting filters with extremely high dust-holding capacities.
  • Coalescer prefilters with special features, such as water droplet separation.
  • Optimal protection of the compressor blades during sustained 24/7 operation.
  • Outstanding filtration efficiency for maximum availability and return on investment (ROI).

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Pulse-jet filter house provides clean air for oxygen generation

For an Indian based manufacturer and supplier of industrial gases Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has designed a new pulse-jet filter house that provides clean air for compressors generating oxygen.
The scope of the project included engineering, manufacture, construction and assembly of the new air intake filter house fitted with weather hoods and bird protection screens. The initial situation showed fouling problems inside the compressors due to heavy pollution of the ambient air and extremly short working life for the previous filter system. These severe problems have been solved with Freudenberg's individually customized pulse-jet cleaning system with compressed air header and solenoid valves followed by an efficient downstream policing filter system. Now the clean compressors enable the plant to provide a constant and reliable oxygen supply to the nearby steel plant.

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All-in-one system solutions with Viledon eee.Sy

All-in-one system solutions with Viledon eee.Sy

Filtration and cooling of the intake air in hot and humid climate zones

The operation of gas turbines and compressors in warm and humid climatic conditions poses a real problem.  We have that solution in the Viledon eee.Sy.  An all-in-one system for filtration and cooling of the inlet air.  How?  Waste heat that's generated in the process is recovered and utilized.  This improves performance of the  gas turbines, compressors, and engines while achieiving lower energy consumption for higher plant profitability.

Find your ideal filter solution with Viledon eee.Sy.

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Pulse-jet filter house for air separation compressors in Hazira, India


Removal of corrosive gases for a compressor

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