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Individual filtration solutions to prevent VOCs and irritating odors

Increased VOC concentrations in indoor spaces can lead to health impairments and trigger symptoms such as headache, fatigue or respiratory tract infections. Outdoors, the compounds often produce unpleasant odors. These problems can be effectively solved with an appropriately tailored filtration solution.

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  • Better working conditions for your employees
  • Reliable compliance with limits

Reliably eliminate VOCs and odors. Minimise health risks.

Tanks with venting system

When tanks are filled, the air they contain is released through a venting system. The escaping air often contains VOCs, which can be perceived as unpleasant due to their odor. To prevent the release of the gases from the escaping air, we employ venting systems with high-quality activated carbon filters such as the Honeycomb modules. These reliably adsorb VOCs and their irritating odors – such as petrol or bitumen vapours – during the tank venting, removing them from the exhaust air and ensuring healthy working conditions.
Reduce fuel odors. Improve working and indoor air conditions.


The odor of kerosine and fuel is often present at airports. This smell is unpleasant and can even trigger physical reactions. The situation can be improved with reliable gas phase filtration of the air supply to your building, creating a comfortable room climate for employees and travellers. VOCs are produced here because the kerosine is generally not completely burned in the aircraft engines. Volatile compounds are transmitted inside via ventilation systems, and can be perceived by employees and travellers as unpleasant. Viledon activated carbon filters help you reliably filter VOCs and irritating odors from the air in order to improve the quality of the indoor air.

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Viledon filterCair modules

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With the Viledon filterCair modules, we offer you a comprehensive range of problem-specific services that can also be individually combined.

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