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Individual filtration concepts and services by gas phase filtration

Filtration expertise you can rely on. We work with you to develop optimized complete solutions: from system specifications and product manufacturing to installation and support during ongoing operation. Profit from our extensive expertise in gas phase filtration.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Increased process dependability
  • Customized filtration solutions
  • Long filter lifetime
  • Low energy consumption
  • Supplemental services for maximum filter performance

Corrosion control thanks to gas phase filtration

Solutions from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies for sustainable process protection

Protection against failures and loss of data.

Data centers

Corrosion in data centers can cause malfunctions, failures or even the loss of data. Ensure uninterrupted operation by reliably protecting your electronic components from corrosion. In the digital age, electronic data and programs are central elements of every company. Contaminant gases in the room air represent a major source of risk, especially in data centers. Protect your technical equipment and your data reliably from the consequences of corrosion with Viledon Honeycomb modules.
Greater operational dependability through corrosion protection.

Control rooms

Many applications result in the production of acidic gases that can attack and damage process-critical components. Avoid downtimes and cost-intensive maintenance with reliable corrosion protection. With Viledon ChemControl filtration systems, corrosive contaminant gases are effectively removed from the process air. This protects your systems and ensures fault-free operation. Maintain full control: From the on-site contaminant analysis to needs-based planning of the filter units, and continuous monitoring of the room air quality. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio from a single source.
Long-term protection. Low maintenance costs.

Switch cabinets and electronic devices

Switch cabinets and electronic devices are particularly susceptible to faults when they are exposed to aggressive and damp ambient air. Gas phase filtration reliably protects your devices against corrosion and its consequences. If corrosion films form on electrified components, this can result in contact disruptions and fault currents, which are generally associated with downtime and expensive repairs. High contaminant gas concentrations can be avoided with reliable filtration systems and corresponding servicing. This safeguards your devices and reduces operating costs over the long term.
Minimum acidic gas concentration. Maximum product quality.

Sophisticated processes and products

From ship construction to microelectronics: Corrosion can occur anywhere that unprotected metallic surfaces are exposed to contaminant gases. With the right filtration system, these contaminant gases can be effectively eliminated. The gas phase filtration solutions from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies were developed to reliably remove contaminant gases from the process air and to protect your sensitive products. As a supplement to a customized filtration system with select Viledon ChemControl pellets and modules, we offer you a broad spectrum of services for your systems to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

Turn on. Measure. Monitor.

Discover the unique ChemWatch Online Monitoring System

  • Large color display
  • Simple & quick data transfer
  • Large memory
  • Individually adjustable alarm signal
  • Personal annotations
  • Gas-tight housing
  • Made in Germany

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Viledon filterCair modules

Customized service package for your needs

With the Viledon filterCair modules, we offer you a comprehensive range of problem-specific services that can also be individually combined.

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