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Customized service packages for hygienic air quality

Hygienically clean air controls the quality of process air that comes into contact with pharmaceutical products and maintains a safe working environment. Optimize your processes and benefit from the economically efficient and energy-efficient solutions provided by our Viledon filterCair service modules.

filterCair modules

Regular hygiene inspections and individual on-site service

Benefit from our all-in-one Viledon filterCair air quality management package

Choosing Viledon filterCair also ensures that you guard against inadequate maintenance of air handling units (AHUs) and the filter systems they contain. Malfunctioning or heavily soiled filters support bacterial growth and allow all sorts of contaminants to enter production areas, from pests to fungal spores and microorganisms.

Our Viledon filterCair experts regularly carry out on-site inspections and measurements to ensure a hygienic production environment. This results in high-performance, economical and environmentally friendly management of air quality

In addition to the modules themselves, Viledon filterCair also offers individual service contracts to ensure comprehensive air quality management. This includes the provision of all required filters plus customized services.

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filter management

Viledon filterCair service modules

Tailor-made service packages

With our modular Viledon filterCair solutions, we offer you a comprehensive selection of application-specific services that can also be individually combined with each other.

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Scope of services:

  • Planning and organization of filter changes
  • Supply of high-quality filter elements for ventilation units
  • Thorough cleaning of the filter chamber
  • Professional replacement of panel filters, pocket and cassette filters
  • Visual assessment of the system components, e. g. inspection of fans, cooling and heating register, drive belts
  • Disposal of used filter elements (optional)
  • Acceptance report
  • Supply of additional high-quality filters as required, such as dust removal cartridges and filter bags


Scope of services:

  • Supply of high-quality HEPA / ULPA filter elements for high hygiene zones and cleanrooms
  • Cleaning of the mounting frames
  • Professional replacement of HEPA / ULPA filters
  • Disposal of used filter elements (optional)
  • Leak / impermeability test
  • Integrity test
  • Airflow determination
  • Comprehensive documentation


Scope of services:

  • Cleanroom inspection according to ISO 14644-1 or GMP
  • Documentation and certification


Scope of services:

  • Determination of complete germ counts or complete colony counts in the air, on surfaces and in liquids (bacteria, fungal spores,
    viruses …)
  • Swab test for final control of effective cleaning in critical plants
  • Conclusive documentation on the present plant status
  • Tests performed to German standard VDI 6022: Hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units


Scope of services:

  • Visualization of the flow conditions at production or workplaces
  • Detailed video analysis of the airflow conditions
  • Checking velocity of airflow and measurement of overpressure
  • Temperature and relative humidity measurements
  • Checking the ventilation unit (filter audit)


Scope of services:

  • Emission value measurement of the exhaust air concentration
  • Verification of compliance with emission limit values in accordance with country standard
  • Determination of dust mass concentration acc. to EN 13284 (European Standard)


Scope of services:

  • Review of occupational safety limit values
  • Measurement of the maximum workplace concentration
  • and statement on PM values
  • Determination of air quality


Scope of services:

  • Ventilation consultancy including air volume balances
  • Energy efficiency consultancy for air handling units
  • Equipment inspection according to § 12 EnEV

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