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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies was recently presented with the 2017 f-cell award for market-oriented products in the fuel cell industry.

A recent study of in-vehicle air quality in urban areas has revealed alarming concentrations of particulate matter.

Effective pollen protection with micronAir cabin air filters

New micronAir blue automotive cabin air filter reliably protects against particulate matter and allergens

New Cabin Air Filter Production Line in Hopkinsville, KY


New Mobility – Cleanrooms on wheels

By replacing bulky engines with compact electric motors, eVehicles have freed up physical space that can be used to integrate other features and technologies. One opportunity this opens up is equipping vehicles with a whole new level of cabin air quality. And that’s one area where we are ideally positioned to support you.

Tackling the global challenge of allergens

Today, around one third of the world’s population suffer from some form of allergy, 86 percent of which are pollen-based. Unfortunately for these allergy sufferers it can be virtually impossible to escape the causes. Tree and plant pollens as well as allergens carried by animals mean airborne pollen concentrations can remain high throughout the year.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Krešo Jakopina

In the first of a new feature in which we meet the people who look after your business, Global Key Account Manager Krešo Jakopina shares some insights into his role and what motivates him. Krešo has been a Freudenberg employee since 2001, when he joined after completing his Diploma thesis on the subject of CRM systems.

Looking to the future

Cabin air filters are already ensuring optimal air inside cars. They protect against fine dust, pollen, bacteria and harmful pollutants in the air. In this interview, Dr. Jörg Sievert, member of the executive management at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, explains why cabin air filters will continue to grow in importance.

From idea to success story

How micronAir cabin air filters took over the automotive world: These days, practically every car in the world has a cabin air filter as a standard feature. In times of high fine dust counts and smog, it is hard to imagine that just a few years ago this wasn’t the case. A trip through time.

New ideas for air design in cars

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is the global innovation partner in the development of first-class cabin air filters for the automotive industry. As inventor of the cabin air filter roughly 30 years ago, we have years of expertise that form the ideal basis for producing filter media of the highest quality.

From inquiry to delivery

What does the development of an individual filter actually look like? In other words, the exact filter that could ensure clean air inside your new car model. What happens between the initial inquiry and installation in the vehicle? We offer you an exclusive look.

In search of good air

We only notice how valuable clean air is when it is absent. When particulate matter and smog determine our lives in the cities or the countryside and endanger the health of millions of people. So we decided to search out some unique places where you can breathe deeply without a care.

Fresh air from the can

Carefree breathing of clean air should actually be a matter of course. But not only asthmatics and allergy sufferers have a hard time. Many city dwellers are also increasingly suffering from the growing smog load. Several providers have recognized the need. They operate ‘air-farming’ – and sell air from the can.

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