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Currently, there are no unified global standards for testing the efficiency of cabin air filters under actual working conditions. Although there are established procedures in certain regions, the nature of the testing and the results it produces are...
What do cabin air filter tests tell us?
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Super heroes!

This charming short film shows a father explaining to his son about all the “invisible bad guys” who populate the outside air – and what super hero “Micron-Air” with his magic shield is doing to stand up to them. The movie ends with a timely reminder...
Movie micronAir
In recent years, media reporting of global environmental issues has greatly increased awareness of air quality. Whether at home or traveling abroad, there are some great apps that will give you real-time information about the air quality in your...
Top apps for air quality information
In the quest to take cabin air filtration to the next level, Blueair Cabin Air AB and Freudenberg Filtration Technologies recently entered into a collaborative relationship on developing clean air solutions. The objective is to combine the benefits...
Freudenberg teams up with Blueair
Giacomo Menzio, Automotive Market Manager at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, used a recent webinar to highlight some of the issues surrounding in-vehicle pollution during which he presented five key recommendations.
What’s in the air inside your vehicle?
Honda North America has awarded Freudenberg Filtration Technologies its 7th consecutive Service Parts Supplier Award. The award is given to suppliers for their outstanding track record regarding quality, delivery and price, with only approximately 3%...
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has introduced a new premium activated carbon selection for automotive cabin air filters: the micronAir Gas Shield line. Three regionally customized activated carbon combinations are now available to adsorb a wide...
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has won the prestigious Automotive Technology Innovation Award 2018, which was presented at the International Automotive Congress in Shanghai at the end of last year.
Our Global Vice President Automotive Filters Barry Kellar talked to Automotive Filtration Insight about the past year and prospects for the future.
Filtration reaches into our lives in all sorts of places and in thousands of different applications. To give you a sense of the many ways in which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies impacts everyday life, we have created a great new image film.
Our advanced, high-performance filtration systems are also widely used in the painting operations of leading OEM automotive manufacturers. As well as providing flawless painting results, they effectively reduce both costs and environmental impact.
Held at the WHO’s Geneva headquarters from October 30 to November 1, 2018, the first ever WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health reported on the ever-increasing harm of pollution to health, explored ways to prevent air pollution diseases,...
The global technology group Freudenberg is expanding its filter business. The Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Business Group has signed a contract in China to purchase the majority shares of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd.


Working to counter a global threat

Working to counter a global threat

In spite of increased efforts across the world to fight the causes of air pollution, it remains the single most significant threat to human health. As the world gets hotter and more crowded, engines continue to pump out dirty emissions.
Synthetic pesticides in agriculture

Synthetic pesticides in agriculture

As the global population increases, pressure on food production has never been greater. This not only means finding effective ways to maximize soil fertility. It also means preventing crop destruction as a result of insect and pest infestation.
Fresh air for fuel cells

Fresh air for fuel cells

The development of alternative fuel concepts is a crucial component in the fight to sustainably reduce air pollution. Alongside electric and hybrid drive chains, hydrogen is increasingly being seen as a viable long-term solution.
1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Innovation is the key

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Innovation is the key

When we spoke to Tim Wei about the challenges facing the automotive filtration sector in the coming years, his response was clear: “Freudenberg’s ability to innovate will be the key to our future success.
Fresh air for fuel cells

Fresh air for fuel cells

Cities full of toxic exhaust fumes – we all want them to be a thing of the past. There are a growing number of alternative drive technologies for better air quality – and in some cases they are already a viable option. The fuel cell is one of them.
30 years of micronAir

Looking back on 30 years of micronAir cabin air filters

It is hard to believe there was ever a time before cabin air filters. This vital component has long since become an intrinsic part of virtually every vehicle on the world’s roads.
micronAir on the road

Cabin air filters undergo extensive independent testing

Today, air pollution is one of the world’s major public health issues. According to recent figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), 9 out of 10 people worldwide routinely breathe polluted air.
Young talents

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet three young talents

For any company today, finding, recruiting and retaining top talents is an absolute priority. After all, it is these highly qualified and motivated young people who will become the technology experts and business leaders of tomorrow.

Autonomous driving: How will new mobility affect the way we drive?

According to current expert opinion, the future on our roads is highly likely to belong to autonomous, robotic cars. The technologies that would make this possible are already at an advanced stage of development.

Environmentally customized cabin air filters

Marketed under the name micronAir Gas Shield, the latest innovation from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies brings a new level of protection against harmful gases and unpleasant odors for vehicle passengers.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Dr Saru Dawar

With 10 years of experience in filtration solutions already behind her, Dr Saru Dawar had little hesitation in accepting a challenging new role as Application Engineering Manager, Automotive Filters, North America.

Deep roots and an international outlook

For Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, the Hopkinsville plant in southwestern Kentucky is the most important starting point for its North American business. From here, customers in Mexico, Canada and the USA are supplied with both automotive and industrial filters.

Expanded filter-testing lab: Increased capacity and improved facilities

In response to growing demand for its services, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has recently expanded its filter-testing facilities in Weinheim, Germany.

The invisible menace: NO2 in the air we breathe

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is one of the nitrogen oxide pollutants produced by combustion processes. The presence of NO2 in urban air is mainly due to traffic. The proportion of NO2 in vehicle exhaust is considerably higher in diesel vehicles because their exhaust after‑treatment systems increase the oxidation of NO, leading to higher NO2 emissions.

micronAir vs. Italian urban pollution: putting our cabin air filters to the test

micronAir cabin air filters are not only tested in our laboratories around the world using state-of-the-art test bench technology. They have also been subjected to numerous field tests on behalf of our customers worldwide. From the performance data we gain with these field tests, valuable insights are achieved that contribute to our continuous product development and optimal customer service processes.
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