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Honda Nordamerika hat Freudenberg Filtration Technologies zum siebten Mal in Folge mit dem Service Parts Supplier Award geehrt. Die Auszeichnung wird Zulieferern für exzellente Leistungen in den Bereichen Qualität, Lieferung und Preis verliehen....
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies hat ein neues Premium-Sortiment an Aktivkohle-Formeln für Kfz-Innenraumfilter vorgestellt: die micronAir Gas Shield Reihe. Ab sofort sind drei regional angepasste Aktivkohlen-Kombinationen erhältlich, um eine große...
Beim International Automotive Congress Ende 2018 in Shanghai wurde Freudenberg Filtration Technologies mit dem renommierten Automotive Technology Innovation Award 2018 ausgezeichnet.
Our Global Vice President Automotive Filters Barry Kellar talked to Automotive Filtration Insight about the past year and prospects for the future.
Filtration reaches into our lives in all sorts of places and in thousands of different applications. To give you a sense of the many ways in which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies impacts everyday life, we have created a great new image film.
Our advanced, high-performance filtration systems are also widely used in the painting operations of leading OEM automotive manufacturers. As well as providing flawless painting results, they effectively reduce both costs and environmental impact.
Held at the WHO’s Geneva headquarters from October 30 to November 1, 2018, the first ever WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health reported on the ever-increasing harm of pollution to health, explored ways to prevent air pollution diseases,...
Das globale Technologieunternehmen Freudenberg baut sein Filtergeschäft weiter aus. In China hat die Freudenberg-Geschäftsgruppe Filtration Technologies einen Vertrag zur Übernahme der Mehrheitsanteile an Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd. unterzeichnet.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies hat die umfangreichen Erweiterungsarbeiten in seinem Werk im slowakischen Potvorice feierlich abgeschlossen. Nach der Investition von rund 10 Millionen Euro wurde der Standort um etwa 40.000 Quadratmeter erweitert.
A recent study by the popular German car magazine Auto Motor Sport (AMS) aimed to identify true values for cabin air quality under regular everyday driving conditions. Working together with independent UK test laboratory Emission Analytics, AMS set...
Driver hand tuning air ventilation grille
Executive board member Dr. Jörg Sievert shares his views
The 2009 European standard EN 15695-2 sets out strict requirements for air purification systems in agricultural vehicles and self-propelled machinery. The standard stipulates that dusts, aerosols and gaseous contaminants arising during the use of...
Tractor cultivating field at spring
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies baut Labor in Weinheim aus. Unter dem Namen „Filtration Science Lab“ testet und untersucht das Unternehmen Produkte für den Automobil- und Industriemarkt sowie den Markt für Endverbraucherprodukte.
The rapid development of new mobility vehicles is opening up all sorts of opportunities, not least for innovative filtration solutions.
Increasing levels of PM2,5 pollution in China are alarming the public and authorities alike. The problem is that filters used for removing PM2,5 particles need to be validated using ambient air according to China’s regulatory authority. However, no...
Teams in Europa und Nordamerika erhalten Aftermarket Performance Award von Groupe PSA sowie Honda Supplier Award
A recent study of in-vehicle air quality in urban areas has revealed alarming concentrations of particulate matter.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies was recently presented with the 2017 f-cell award for market-oriented products in the fuel cell industry.
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Allergiker können aufatmen

Effektiver Pollenschutz durch micronAir Kfz-Innenraumfilter
Neuer Kfz-Innenraumfilter micronAir blue schützt zuverlässig vor Feinstaub und Allergenen
Neue Fertigungslinie für Kfz-Innenraumfilter in Hopkinsville (Kentucky, USA)


Autonomous driving: How will new mobility affect the way we drive?

According to current expert opinion, the future on our roads is highly likely to belong to autonomous, robotic cars. The technologies that would make this possible are already at an advanced stage of development.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Dr Saru Dawar

With 10 years of experience in filtration solutions already behind her, Dr Saru Dawar had little hesitation in accepting a challenging new role as Application Engineering Manager, Automotive Filters, North America.

Expanded filter-testing lab: Increased capacity and improved facilities

In response to growing demand for its services, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has recently expanded its filter-testing facilities in Weinheim, Germany.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies: Leaders in OEM cabin air filtration

We were honored this year to receive two prestigious supplier awards from leading OEMs. These are seen as a benchmark in product and process excellence and reflect our ability to consistently deliver top quality, performance and reliability against tight requirements.

Deep roots and an international outlook

For Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, the Hopkinsville plant in southwestern Kentucky is the most important starting point for its North American business. From here, customers in Mexico, Canada and the USA are supplied with both automotive and industrial filters.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Christoph Krambs

Christoph Krambs is Senior Project Manager Application Engineering in the Automotive Division at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. Through an internship in the apprentice workshop, he got involved in filter measurement technology and ended up writing his diploma thesis on one of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ filter laboratory test benches.

The invisible menace: NO2 in the air we breathe

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is one of the nitrogen oxide pollutants produced by combustion processes. The presence of NO2 in urban air is mainly due to traffic. The proportion of NO2 in vehicle exhaust is considerably higher in diesel vehicles because their exhaust after‑treatment systems increase the oxidation of NO, leading to higher NO2 emissions.

micronAir vs. Italian urban pollution: putting our cabin air filters to the test

micronAir cabin air filters are not only tested in our laboratories around the world using state-of-the-art test bench technology. They have also been subjected to numerous field tests on behalf of our customers worldwide. From the performance data we gain with these field tests, valuable insights are achieved that contribute to our continuous product development and optimal customer service processes.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Kally Ding

Kally Ding joined Freudenberg in 2004, straight out of college. Today, she is the Senior Manager for Application Engineering Automotive Filter China and is responsible for managing and developing the automotive filter application engineering operation in China. Her team of 14 engineers currently manages roughly 120 programs a year. But what first brought her to Freudenberg?

New mobility: an answer for India’s future

Anyone visiting modern-day India is immediately struck by one unwelcome by-product of the country’s economic success: pollution. All of India’s major cities suffer from permanent smog. This is having such a negative effect on the nation’s health that the government has announced a range of significant measures designed to exponentially reduce pollution.

New Mobility – Cleanrooms on wheels

By replacing bulky engines with compact electric motors, eVehicles have freed up physical space that can be used to integrate other features and technologies. One opportunity this opens up is equipping vehicles with a whole new level of cabin air quality. And that’s one area where we are ideally positioned to support you.

Tackling the global challenge of allergens

Today, around one third of the world’s population suffer from some form of allergy, 86 percent of which are pollen-based. Unfortunately for these allergy sufferers it can be virtually impossible to escape the causes. Tree and plant pollens as well as allergens carried by animals mean airborne pollen concentrations can remain high throughout the year.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Krešo Jakopina

In the first of a new feature in which we meet the people who look after your business, Global Key Account Manager Krešo Jakopina shares some insights into his role and what motivates him. Krešo has been a Freudenberg employee since 2001, when he joined after completing his Diploma thesis on the subject of CRM systems.

Zukunft zeigen

Kfz-Innenraumfilter sorgen schon heute für beste Luft im Auto. Sie schützen vor Feinstäuben, Pollen, Bakterien und gesundheitsgefährdenden Schadgasen. Im Interview erläutert Dr. Jörg Sievert, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung bei Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, warum die Bedeutung des Kfz-Innenraumfilters weiter zunehmen wird.

Von der Idee zur Erfolgsgeschichte

Wie micronAir Kfz-Innenraumfilter die Automobilwelt eroberten: Heutzutage besitzt quasi jedes Auto weltweit einen serienmäßig eingebauten Innenraumfilter. Dass dies vor einigen Jahren noch anders war, ist in Zeiten von hohen Feinstaubwerten und Smogglocken kaum vorstellen. Eine Zeitreise.
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