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Auto Expo Components 2020

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WeChat channels in China

Since spring 2018, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has been actively maintaining a presence on the incredibly popular WeChat multi-purpose platform in China.
WeChat channels in China
With its intuitive color scheme to facilitate easy recognition of different risk levels and health recommendations, the Air Quality Index (AQI) is an established method for reporting daily air quality in different regions across the globe....
Understanding the Air Quality Index (AQI)
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Service Day 2019

In partnership with Fiat Chrysler’s OES Organization Mopar, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies participated in Service Day 2019, held in Brescia, Italy, from November 8-9. The focus of the event was on the importance of using genuine spare parts so...
Service Day 2019
What do cabin air filter tests tell us?
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Super heroes!

This charming short film shows a father explaining to his son about all the “invisible bad guys” who populate the outside air – and what super hero “Micron-Air” with his magic shield is doing to stand up to them. The movie ends with a timely reminder...
Movie micronAir
Top apps for air quality information
为了把汽车空调过滤技术提升到新的水平,BlueAir 汽车空调过滤和科德宝过滤技术最近就开发洁净空气解决方案达成了合作关系,目的是结合电离和汽车空调过滤技术的优点,塑造空气净化技术的未来。
Freudenberg teams up with Blueair
科德宝过滤技术汽车市场经理 Giacomo Menzio 在最近的网络研讨会上详述了车内空气污染的相关问题,并提出了五项关键建议。
What’s in the air inside your vehicle?
本田北美公司已连续第七次授予科德宝过滤最佳供应商绩效大奖。 该奖项仅授予在质量,交付和服务部件价值之三方面均表现出色的供应商,今年只有约3%的供应商获此殊荣。科德宝过滤技术凭借micronAir(每刻爱)单效灰尘空调滤清器摘取该奖项,micronAir(每刻爱)单效灰尘空调滤清器可保护乘客免受细小灰尘以及花粉,道路扬尘,烟尘和其他可吸入的细颗粒物的侵害,能够帮助本田汽车获得刚好的客户体验。
科德宝过滤技术为汽车空调过滤器引入了一种全新的优质活性炭选型解决方案:micronAir 气体防护盾。目前我们拥有三种预设的活性碳配方选项,可有效吸附各种有害气体和异味。
2018年年底,科德宝过滤技术集团旗下micronAir® N型燃料电池滤清器荣膺2018(第十一届)国际汽车技术年会“汽车创新技术大奖”。
全球汽车过滤市场的副总裁Barry Kellar (巴里·凯勒),分享他对过去一年汽车过滤市场的总结,以及对2019年未来前景的预期。
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2018年10月30日到11月1日,世卫组织于日内瓦总部举行了第一届全球空气污染与健康论坛,在此次论坛上报道了不断增加的污染对健康的危害, 并就预防空气污染疾病的方法,以及如何限制暴露于空气污染并减少其对社会成本进行了探讨。该活动是与主要气候和环境机构合作举办的。


Cleaner air is not the same as clean air

Cleaner air is not the same as clean air

Although air quality in general has gradually improved in recent decades, large areas of the USA, Canada and Mexico are still plagued by polluted air. As well as its general impact on the population, air pollution has serious adverse effects in particularly for asthma sufferers, the elderly, and the very young.
A unique innovation partnership

A unique innovation partnership

Developing innovative filter media is one thing: gaining deep insights into their effectiveness is something else. When it comes to testing the latest filter solutions for their ability to neutralize allergens and germs, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies turns to the OFI in Vienna, Austria.
Tunnel vision

Tunnel vision

Conveniently located within a few minutes’ drive of the Freudenberg Group’s global headquarters, the charmingly named “Saukopftunnel” (sow’s head tunnel) provides our filtration experts with a perfect testing ground.
1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Setting the pace for change

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Setting the pace for change

In January 2020, Senior General Manager Freudenberg India Ashok Pandey will celebrate 20 years with the company. Given that many people change employers several times over that period, what has kept him with us for so long?
[Translate to Chinese:] Working to counter a global threat

Working to counter a global threat

In spite of increased efforts across the world to fight the causes of air pollution, it remains the single most significant threat to human health. As the world gets hotter and more crowded, engines continue to pump out dirty emissions.
[Translate to Chinese:] Synthetic pesticides in agriculture

Synthetic pesticides in agriculture

As the global population increases, pressure on food production has never been greater. This not only means finding effective ways to maximize soil fertility. It also means preventing crop destruction as a result of insect and pest infestation.
[Translate to Chinese:] Fresh air for fuel cells

Fresh air for fuel cells

The development of alternative fuel concepts is a crucial component in the fight to sustainably reduce air pollution. Alongside electric and hybrid drive chains, hydrogen is increasingly being seen as a viable long-term solution.
[Translate to Chinese:] 1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Innovation is the key

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Innovation is the key

When we spoke to Tim Wei about the challenges facing the automotive filtration sector in the coming years, his response was clear: “Freudenberg’s ability to innovate will be the key to our future success.
Fresh air for fuel cells


30 years of micronAir

Looking back on 30 years of micronAir cabin air filters

It is hard to believe there was ever a time before cabin air filters. This vital component has long since become an intrinsic part of virtually every vehicle on the world’s roads.
micronAir on the road

Cabin air filters undergo extensive independent testing

Today, air pollution is one of the world’s major public health issues. According to recent figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), 9 out of 10 people worldwide routinely breathe polluted air.
Young talents

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet three young talents

For any company today, finding, recruiting and retaining top talents is an absolute priority. After all, it is these highly qualified and motivated young people who will become the technology experts and business leaders of tomorrow.

Autonomous driving: How will new mobility affect the way we drive?

According to current expert opinion, the future on our roads is highly likely to belong to autonomous, robotic cars. The technologies that would make this possible are already at an advanced stage of development.

Environmentally customized cabin air filters

Marketed under the name micronAir Gas Shield, the latest innovation from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies brings a new level of protection against harmful gases and unpleasant odors for vehicle passengers.

1 Team. 1,000 Stories. Meet Dr Saru Dawar

With 10 years of experience in filtration solutions already behind her, Dr Saru Dawar had little hesitation in accepting a challenging new role as Application Engineering Manager, Automotive Filters, North America.