科德宝过滤技术为汽车空调过滤器引入了一种全新的优质活性炭选型解决方案:micronAir 气体防护盾。目前我们拥有三种预设的活性碳配方选项,可有效吸附各种有害气体和异味。
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies published the new Viledon® product catalog 2019/2020. This edition features updated information on the ISO 16890 test standard, the EUROVENT Directive 4/23 and the new energy efficiency classes (4/21).
2018年年底,科德宝过滤技术集团旗下micronAir® N型燃料电池滤清器荣膺2018(第十一届)国际汽车技术年会“汽车创新技术大奖”。
全球汽车过滤市场的副总裁Barry Kellar (巴里·凯勒),分享他对过去一年汽车过滤市场的总结,以及对2019年未来前景的预期。
Our advanced, high-performance filtration systems are also widely used in the painting operations of leading OEM automotive manufacturers. As well as providing flawless painting results, they effectively reduce both costs and environmental impact.
Held at the WHO’s Geneva headquarters from October 30 to November 1, 2018, the first ever WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health reported on the ever-increasing harm of pollution to health, explored ways to prevent air pollution diseases,...
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies held a celebration marking completion of extensive expansion work at its factory in Potvorice, Slovakia. After investing over 10 million euros, the site has been expanded by about 40,000 square meters.
A recent study by the popular German car magazine Auto Motor Sport (AMS) aimed to identify true values for cabin air quality under regular everyday driving conditions. Working together with independent UK test laboratory Emission Analytics, AMS set...
Driver hand tuning air ventilation grille
Executive board member Dr. Jörg Sievert shares his views
The 2009 European standard EN 15695-2 sets out strict requirements for air purification systems in agricultural vehicles and self-propelled machinery. The standard stipulates that dusts, aerosols and gaseous contaminants arising during the use of...
Tractor cultivating field at spring
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies expands filter-testing laboratory. In the newly named “Filtration Science Lab”, the company will continue testing and investigating products for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.
The rapid development of new mobility vehicles is opening up all sorts of opportunities, not least for innovative filtration solutions.
Increasing levels of PM2,5 pollution in China are alarming the public and authorities alike. The problem is that filters used for removing PM2,5 particles need to be validated using ambient air according to China’s regulatory authority. However, no...
Teams in Europe and North America honored with Groupe PSA’s Aftermarket Performance Award and Honda Supplier Award
As of July 1, 2018, ISO 16890 will be the sole internationally applicable testing standard for classifying air filters. It now definitively replaces the previous industry standard EN 779, which had applied for 18 months in parallel.
从湿变干 - 选择干法漆雾分离,让您的喷漆房获得更安全的保障!
科德宝过滤技术最近被授予 2017 年度 f-cell 大奖,奖励其为燃料电池行业提供最具市场导向性的产品。
micronAir(每刻爱) 汽车空调滤清器对花粉实现有效防护
在喷漆工厂,干法漆雾分离已经悄然流行。在德国 Karlsruhe 举办 PaintExpo 涂装展上,科德宝过滤技术展示了最新的涂装线干法漆雾分离解决方案。
科德宝电子过滤效率计算工具,简称 e.FFECT ,这就是科德宝过滤技术这款全新软件工具的名称,它能够为客户的进气过滤系统提供更精确的过滤器配置方案。
全新 micronAir blue 汽车空调滤清器对颗粒物和过敏原提供全效防护
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采用 Aquabio 技术的 Viledon(微粒盾)废水解决方案是安全、高效地处理工业废水,保护环境和自然的首选方案。位于苏格兰高地阿伯丁郡肯纳斯蒙特的(阿德摩尔)酒厂就是最近成功应用该方案的一个最好案例。


The air is getting thin

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90 percent of the world‘s population live in places with poor air quality. This has serious health consequences, especially for children. A turnaround can only be achieved if particulate matter and harmful gas emissions from industry and private households are permanently reduced.

Optimally protected against salt water and sand

Reliability is essential in offshore oil and gas production. Unscheduled shutdowns have far-reaching consequences for the performance of a platform. Due to their location on the open sea, repair work is much more complex, time-consuming and costly. This is why a major oil and gas company invested in the renewal of its air filtration system for gas turbines.



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