In energy-intensive industrial painting processes, inefficient filtra-tion systems can quickly have a negative impact on operating costs. Furthermore, poor filter performance can lead to paint de-fects and particle inclusions. Viledon Process View...
Viledon Process View enables efficient filter monitoring
The new Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Viledon Product Catalog for 2021/2022 is now available. This 152-page publication contains everything you need to know about products and services for industrial filtration, enabling you to find the right...
Viledon Product Catalog 2021/2022 released
Dr. Jörg Sievert, Chief Operating Officer, to retire after 28 successful years - Ed Borger takes over on January 1, 2021
Dr. Jörg Sievert, COO, to retire
Even after more than 20 years of cooperation, our customer continues to benefit from our wide range of individual products and services. Based in South Africa, this chemical and energy group faced a series of filtration-related challenges at its...
Where dust and gases rule, you need more than just filters
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Ford gives you more

High-performance cabin air filters now come as standard. Ford recently announced the launch of a new cabin air filter option on many of its most popular vehicles.
Ford gives you more
We talked to Barry Kellar, Global Vice President Automotive Filters at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, about his views on the way 2020 has unfolded and how he sees the year to come. We have summarized our conversation in the following article.
Looking back, looking forward
Leading technology partner for automotive filtration systems will share its expertise at free online exhibition
Freudenberg to present high-end filtration solu-tions for agricultural vehicles at the EIMA Digital Preview
In many areas of our working life, the wearing of respiratory masks makes a significant contribution to protecting employees against an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has developed a high-quality mask that...
Infection protection "Made in Germany"
Food and beverage manufacturers are required to rigorously avoid health hazards from infectious microorganisms in their production processes. Ventilation systems that are well maintained, hygienically flawless and equipped with highly effective air...
Viledon filterCair service modules Covid-19 plant check and hygiene monitoring
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Success comes in modules

Air filters are indispensable in many areas of our lives. They ensure that food and beverages are produced in a hygienic environment, prevent damage and downtime in power plants, and protect data in data centers by reducing corrosion. Filters ensure...
Success comes in modules
For many years, the German VDI Guideline 6022 applied without restriction to the planning, operation and maintenance of air filter systems in surface treatment. This is about to Change because ever-stricter hygiene requirements are dominating the...
German VDI 6022 revised: scope of application limited
Freudenberg has started producing mouth-nose masks for end-consumers. The masks under the brand name “Collectex” are available in the Vileda online shop – initially only in Germany.
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Reasons to believe

When it comes to choosing and owning a car, there are many factors influencing our purchasing decisions. One criterion that is gaining importance is reliable protection against pollutants and allergens. Car manufacturers are recognizing this trend as...
Reasons to believe
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15th Auto Expo 2020

Alongside other Freudenberg Group business units, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies recently took part in a leading event for automotive manufacturers and suppliers in India.
15th Auto Expo 2020
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Spring has sprung

As warmer weather approaches the northern hemisphere, it is once again the time of year allergy sufferers dread. Another mild winter is likely to mean that the air will be filled with pollens earlier this year. Outside and inside vehicles, this can...
Spring has sprung
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In at the very beginning

Given that they are now installed as standard equipment in every vehicle in the world, it is hard to imagine there was ever a time before cabin air filters. Yet they have only existed since 1989. In that year, the Mercedes-Benz SL roadster became the...
In at the very beginning
Coronavirus vulnerability apparently greater in polluted areas
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Germs have no chance
The challenging desert climate
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Explosion-safe dedusting
Achieve brilliant coating results with LABS-compliant filters
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WeChat channels in China
Understanding the Air Quality Index (AQI)
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2019 技术服务日

与菲亚特克莱斯勒的 OES 供应商 Mopar 合作,科德宝过滤技术公司参加了于 11 月 8 日至 9 日在意大利布雷西亚举行的 2019 技术服务日活动。活动的重点是向大家普及使用真正的备件,以保护终端用户不受假冒伪劣产品的影响的重要性。
Service Day 2019
自1832年以来,Rügenwalder Mühle 一直致力于生产高质量的食品。为此,这个老牌品牌专注于拥有最高卫生标准的现代生产流程— 包括空气过滤。得益于 viledon filterCair的一站式服务,该公司能够确保其生产区域获得持续洁净的空气。
Lufthygiene als Erfolgsrezept
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卫生清洁的空气在食品和药品的生产中是必不可少的。在这种情况下,使用可靠的空气过滤系统,维护对产品质量和消费者安全变得至关重要。现在,viledon filterCair 服务进一步扩展,已经涵盖了重要的测量技术,更好地确保工厂的安全运行。
Messbar mehr Sicherheit
filterCair Food and Pharma industry
What do cabin air filter tests tell us?
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Movie micronAir
Top apps for air quality information
为了把汽车空调过滤技术提升到新的水平,BlueAir 汽车空调过滤和科德宝过滤技术最近就开发洁净空气解决方案达成了合作关系,目的是结合电离和汽车空调过滤技术的优点,塑造空气净化技术的未来。
Freudenberg teams up with Blueair
科德宝过滤技术汽车市场经理 Giacomo Menzio 在最近的网络研讨会上详述了车内空气污染的相关问题,并提出了五项关键建议。
What’s in the air inside your vehicle?
本田北美公司已连续第七次授予科德宝过滤最佳供应商绩效大奖。 该奖项仅授予在质量,交付和服务部件价值之三方面均表现出色的供应商,今年只有约3%的供应商获此殊荣。科德宝过滤技术凭借micronAir(每刻爱)单效灰尘空调滤清器摘取该奖项,micronAir(每刻爱)单效灰尘空调滤清器可保护乘客免受细小灰尘以及花粉,道路扬尘,烟尘和其他可吸入的细颗粒物的侵害,能够帮助本田汽车获得刚好的客户体验。
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欧盟指令 ATEX 2014/34/EU 规定在爆炸危险区域必须使用防护设备和保护系统,其中也包括空气过滤器和过滤元件。
科德宝过滤技术为汽车空调过滤器引入了一种全新的优质活性炭选型解决方案:micronAir 气体防护盾。目前我们拥有三种预设的活性碳配方选项,可有效吸附各种有害气体和异味。
2019/2020 Viledon®产品目录现已全新发布。在新版本中,包含了 ISO 16890 测试标准、EUROVENT指令4/23 和新能源效率类(4/21)的相关信息,以及所有 viledon 品牌创新资讯。
2018年年底,科德宝过滤技术集团旗下micronAir® N型燃料电池滤清器荣膺2018(第十一届)国际汽车技术年会“汽车创新技术大奖”。
全球汽车过滤市场的副总裁Barry Kellar (巴里·凯勒),分享他对过去一年汽车过滤市场的总结,以及对2019年未来前景的预期。
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2018年10月30日到11月1日,世卫组织于日内瓦总部举行了第一届全球空气污染与健康论坛,在此次论坛上报道了不断增加的污染对健康的危害, 并就预防空气污染疾病的方法,以及如何限制暴露于空气污染并减少其对社会成本进行了探讨。该活动是与主要气候和环境机构合作举办的。
As of July 1, 2018, ISO 16890 will be the sole internationally applicable testing standard for classifying air filters. It now definitively replaces the previous industry standard EN 779, which had applied for 18 months in parallel.
从湿变干 - 选择干法漆雾分离,让您的喷漆房获得更安全的保障!
在喷漆工厂,干法漆雾分离已经悄然流行。在德国 Karlsruhe 举办 PaintExpo 涂装展上,科德宝过滤技术展示了最新的涂装线干法漆雾分离解决方案。
科德宝电子过滤效率计算工具,简称 e.FFECT ,这就是科德宝过滤技术这款全新软件工具的名称,它能够为客户的进气过滤系统提供更精确的过滤器配置方案。
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采用 Aquabio 技术的 Viledon(微粒盾)废水解决方案是安全、高效地处理工业废水,保护环境和自然的首选方案。位于苏格兰高地阿伯丁郡肯纳斯蒙特的(阿德摩尔)酒厂就是最近成功应用该方案的一个最好案例。








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